Boiling hot transmission fluid everywhere, fighting through to the semi finals NPK Bowling Green

Boiling hot transmission fluid is everywhere in the car, thrashing through to the semi finals at NPK No Prep Kings Blowling Green Kentucky. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. I was in Brainerd watching you guys last week and loved it glad to see you guys dam good time hope to see you guys again soon

  2. nothin a case of Brake Kleen won't fix! One thing I've always noticed. Why won't you put your Visor down Kye? you did once. God only gave you 2 eyes! please remember to use it. We would hate to lose you brother! Good luck the rest of the season!😁👍

  3. You are only as good as your weakest link and because you don't have any with the fantastic team you have now i think you can win the champion title this year…🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏 Ps: Is the girl with the long hair birdman's help from last year?

  4. Kye Bro you really need to drop your visor or someday that shit gonna get in your eyes. Like Ryan had a close call Justin Swanstrom had a close call. You guys can't race if you lose your eyes

  5. Put your damn face shield down smart one lol I’m a huge fan but can’t be if you can see to race … be smart I know it’s habit everyone does it but everyone is watching you all make good examples for these kids an others … that could have ended your career … boiling anything in the eyes … damn … thank god you wasn’t hurt … keep it up and keep turning them win lights on … #Champ 2022

  6. That sucks going to the finals and not able to get that win 🤨 , I money was on you , Really nice race against you & Dave that was close , No more Daddy 😄 . Great video enjoyed watching it 👍✌.

  7. I know I’m just a nobody but I’m proud of you brother all as knuckleheads that spent anytime out at the PAD before street racing completely blew up are. Keep up the great work and go get that CHIP!!!!

  8. I like it even more (win or no win) that it's "uncle Dave" and not daddy Dave . I know the level of respect you two have for each other. Calling him uncle just seems fitting

  9. Just curious, I've never seen anything about how high you can turn a 959 Musi motor. My personal guess is 6000 rpm, but it's probably much different.

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