Biggest cash days in Kentucky history (WRECKS AND CLOSE CALLS)

Biggest cash days in Kentucky history! 350$ buy in 30k cash too win! Rankin with relic wins small tire and Tesla model s plaid wins big tire! The trickiest surface ever, many wrecks and close calls! Be sure too like comment and subscribe! Be prepared for next years updates on papa smurf! Making big changes


  1. Was this the first race at the track? The concrete looks great but the pad is either the best scrape job ever or not worn in.
    Still great video add a camera on the big end in future if you can. Crashes suck but still like to watch them.

  2. This shit here was a ShaaKaKA SHOW! The Camera Person takes Cock N Balls from Homeless People RAW! They need to learn how to video if they gonna video an event!
    The so called track! Lmoa! Looked like it had baby powder impregnated into it!

    Anyone who put their shit down that track was starving for some attention.

    Dumb da Dumb – Dumb!

    Next week, drag races closed due to all race cars being totaled during previous weeks race. Come back next year when all rebuilt for the one day crash bang fuk show!

  3. Unsafe and irresponsible to have an event in this place, or any surface like that. This No prep cash days bs is getting out of control. Stop this shit before someone get seriously injured

  4. Lot of cupcakes in these comments that fail to realize nobody forced them to race. They saw the surface, they paid their money, they wanted to be there.

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