Big Slick Energy: Daily Driven, Sequential Shifting, Widebody Drag Monster Dodge SRT-8 Challenger!

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This may be one of our favorite looking cars of SEMA 2019: the Gooichi Motors SRT-8 Challenger. Giant slicks, widebody, fifteen52s, a sequential transmission, and a big ‘ol supercharger to back it all up. And the best part? This thing is daily. Driven. SO SICK. Only in Florida.

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  1. I had the pleasure to meet Sam this afternoon at his amazing shop , VERY VERY IMPRESSED with the caliber of builds he has in there ..
    He has a great attitude , also thanks for helping us with the F-150 👍👍

  2. Now this is a challenger I can respect. Unlike all those "bought, never built" Hellcat boys who put some neon lights on and leave that little rubber lip on the front splitter and think they drive a damn nascar

    Edit: I love that side exit exhaust so much

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