BIG PLANS For The S10! + Dart Update…WE'RE SO CLOSE!

We finally got the old blue truck to Billy’s shop, and we’re getting ready to start the process of putting it all back together.


  1. You kids are awesome, I wish more of your generation was like you all. Keep the videos coming, can't wait to see the s10 and looking forward to see the dart come out.

  2. Not gonna wheelie huh? Have you watched your brother on front side with the s10? Lol! Having 2 cars is nice bud, but starting a family doesnt always allow for that luxury, considering you still have 2 trucks at your dads and no decent daily driver. Dont get ahead of yourself is all im saying, you dont have to be Billy and thats ok man. Cant relie on winning races to pay the bills and keep 2 cars going week after week competitively. I love the truck glad to see it back and getting closer to making us all smile!

  3. Tommy, you have such a good demeanor. With a good attitude. Things can only get better. Good attitude , and a good heart. Like your Mother. 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. That falcon is pretty impressive. Its always just fast enough to make it. What ever it takes it makes it happen. You pull even close to boost12 you got my respect. Ive seen him mop kots so bad its not funny.

  5. Man I forgot about this truck man love it guys look and hunger for your stuff man hope to meet u guys in September up at summit racing park for no prep kings

  6. Nice to see that Tommy is going to do with the c10. And the Dart is crawling towards being raceable. I like to get you to try out 75-25 nos mix. I never tried 60-40 nos methane yet i have an idea that it is in use. Tommy just keep up the good work son.

  7. Tommy you should convince Billy to paint his S-10 the same shade of blue that yours is so they match. Your competition will always be guessing who they are going up against.

  8. Tommy do you and Billy run stock frame rails in the S 10's ? If you boxed in the rails they would be stronger plus add a few cross bars for strength, adding weight but making stronger means more power where you want it..

  9. The absolute best video out of all of the ones your family has posted. Your an intelligent young man Tommy. Very happy for all of you. God bless you and your family

  10. I could never get tired of watching that falcon my dad had an old falcon Chevrolet powered when I was a kid and I've always loved them especially with a Chevy in them

  11. Yes let Alison organize it,it will make you life easy, but you have to keep it organized.Organization is key to production in the garage,and as Jeff says races are won in the garage… Glad to see your getting the truck moving along!! and the darts coming along well!!

  12. I liked the sit down session with you on camera. You have a way with the camera with your calm demeanor and way of clearly expressing yourself. Nice job. Keep it up.

  13. Really enjoyed the part where you sat down and explained the plan for the truck. It's gunna look so sick. U should let your dad drive it when it gets finished too lol

  14. All the questions about kenny. Look everybody there are no projects right now and what`s Bill supposed to do? Pay Kenny a living wage if thy are slowing down and not doing any non stop projects? This is racing season so Bill really wants to be with his son`s right now and I don`t blame him. Kenny needs to start his OWN channel and his own program.

    He seems to have the popularity and following to do it I sure as hell would take advantage of that situation and still be available to work with Bill and Uncle Bucko. So if Bill is not doing a restoration project and since Uncle Bucko has been more involved he has kind of took the Kenny powers spot over in the slower period since he is not restoring or building a project car or truck. I think people got the wrong impression when kenny was always there he would have tons of work to do all the time for the rest of his lie at O.M.G.

    Well that`s not how life works. You all know that and i`m sure the merch sales have leveled out now so maybe it`s just not in the budget to pay everyone. Some people just have to make it a conspiracy or some shit and always will. Kenny needs his own channel . That`s my opinion on the whole enchilada. Kenny could be successful on his own if he really want`s it. So there you have it.

  15. Tommy you’re very talented and you seem to honestly LOVE racing and yes you definitely have to be serious to be safe but just don’t stress things to the level that takes the FUN & SATISFACTION out of it. Great to see the S-10 going back together, and lord knows she’s definitely one of the year models and color that makes it a beautiful hot rod.

  16. Tommy would you fixing to put 17 to 1800 horsepower in that S10 don't forget to put some x prices in the back half about chassis you can make them out of channel to even it don't have to be very thick about 3 in wide I'll be fine that was stiffen it up and won't cause you a lot of weight and it'll work but it won't flex as bad just saying good luck

  17. Bill when Allison ask who's all there she knew u was .other people added to the shop other then u as in any body drop by the shop I'm on Allison's team she's thinks like Vicki wake up bill lol

  18. Well said about the budget guys and the Jegs cheap wheels. Leave them alone and let them have their moment of glory. That simple statement says a lot about you alls outlook and relating to other people.

  19. I wanna watch more of all of your videos, but the length is way toooo long. With many low points.

    We don’t need 8-10min of watching a truck being unloaded. Constant action, quick points, and you can hammer out numerous videos with ads and make more coin.

    You’re doing good

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