Big Country Lays Down The Law Of Racing At HIGH LEVEL & Goin Over NPK DRAMA – SWAN TALK Ep.3

Big Country Lays Down The Law Of Racing At HIGH LEVEL & Goin Over NPK DRAMA – SWAN TALK Ep.3

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  1. You should be really proud of your dad and your team. You guys have really done a lot on your own. I can't wait to see what you do next year. Great job!!!!!

  2. Don’t worry about the comments. Most mfers would brown put their shorts on a 6.50 1/8th pass or like a 1.40 60. If we never tried anything we would still be changing jets and dragging the bumper on purpose to try and run a number. It’s a bad ass hot rod. Never quit.

  3. Love your dad on the pod, and I love the tech talk about chassis adjustments, converters, tunes, etc. I got a bracket car so we live in 2 completely different worlds but hearing guys that really know their stuff talk shop helps me understand my car better and gets me thinking about how it could be better.

  4. I was at the SBI booth at PRI talking with Bobby Ducote and got to talk with Corey for a few minutes as we walked. I had never met him and he was super nice and so down to earth. Thanks for the talk and wish you guys nothing but the best!

  5. This team is gonna be the one everyone trying to beat and don't think it's gonna be long either. This is a solid group of guys, Fuck all the fake know-it-alls. Good luck on your next season and be safe.

  6. Just watched the entire podcast and I have to say your dad is straight up great guy. No BS. Very knowledgeable, and willing to try out of the box ideas. Good job gentlemen. You all deserve the success that comes with hard work.

  7. Hell yea! Darlington! Man NOBODY could get down the track he’ll Lizzo put Bonnie inna wall and prenup MADE A FUCKIN HIT MAN! I was there personally it was the first time I knew prenup or swangang and I been a fan since! I don’t watch the shows can’t stand the 405 guys lol I went because that’s the track I run at and I’m SOOOOO glad I went

  8. I I said out loud that day “who tf is that? And wtf is it? That a gtr? Holy shit mark my words that there is the fastest car on the property right now”

  9. 😂😂😂 cars DEFINITELY take on a mind of their own! Man I run a stock block 455 block pontiac secret ci stroker hi compression motor on 850 hp worth of spray and what started as a demolition has turned into a consistent street car. She’ll do 160 on ANY rd in the nation and how tf it hasn’t blown up yet is beyond me lmao the car just works. Maybe 15k in the entire car and it jus damn works

  10. Big Country is the best kinda man. He is what he is, Like it or lump it, but you always know where he stands. What an asset to your program with all that knowledge, yall make a great team.

  11. I started watching your YouTube videos before the season of NPK to be honest I was a little bit turned away but listening to you guys talk give me a different perspective on what and why. I try not to find out who wins what races so I can watch it on TV first just for the record. Good luck guys I’d like to see you with the championship

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