Big Chief’s Big Announcement – New Street Outlaws Build Show – Street Race Talk Episode 312

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  1. Hey sim I think they went to Vegas for another race possibly with more of the big names it will great to see the 405 get into small tire racing they used to do some small tire stuff back in the day heck I think there was an episode where they were going to do some S.T. racing and chief pulled a whammy on d.d Ryan idk who else but it would be awesome to see that happen. I think the build off would probably be on there own y.t. channels not so much a build off show since you have ft and azn along with Jeff Lutz already close to finishing there show but you never know 😉 anything possible a mega small tire race could also be considered. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. Hey big chief and daddy dave have been hanging out with Billy from SRC I think we're gonna see some small tire action and some of the other small tire guys have been hanging out with some of the street outlaws cast and a lot of the regular small tire guys are building some heavy hitters for next year do some digging and see what you come up with

  3. Sim, great info on the video today.
    I know a lot the racers are at the PRI show.
    Jeff Lutz is already on a build show with Farmtruck n Asn.
    Chief said the Mega race was a JJ thing.
    Chief has the top 20 show.
    I belive Cheif and Jackie picked up Caddy Jack from the Shop who built the front and rear cradles on the car. The shop was going to use them for a template for production on buy out cradles for Caddies. Chief said they had to modify the rear cradle to get it to fit Caddy Jack.
    The only new thing would be to add a small tire bracket to one off the existing shows? They have no time as it is to work on their cars and make the 3 shows the 405 is in currently.
    We will have to wait and see!

  4. I hope the show does turn in to a small tire series, I also hope some of the smaller/younger racers Justin throws advice to from time make it on to the show like MAK tv & SRC so we get to see them develop their program over time and as racers.

  5. That's why we watch your channel, you pay attention to everything that's said and get us the skinny on everything current.
    The way you pay attention I'll never talk about my crimes in front of you that's for sure ! LOL ! 🍻

  6. I believe Chief will b using Jackie's old motor from Caddy jack because he said something on their last podcast about when they revisit that motor setup he was gonna make it crazy because they know alot more about that motor setup now, then he paused like he said to much or something…Who knows tho, but mayb putting that swap into a new chassis setup for small tires…🤷‍♂️

  7. With Jeff and Ryan being the “Builders” of 405 group I could see it being a build off show they get so long then show up to race the car they build

  8. Javi said it would be something like biker build off with a racing element to it. I would hope that they are given a budget to stick to and keep it within that. It would make it more “user friendly” to the viewers

  9. Hello Sam ABC XYZ you say the biggest thing because they're going to put small tire cars together and race for some money when we already have that going on every weekend somewhere on the streets or somewhere at some track why don't they go after that and put that on TV real people that are working paycheck to paycheck to keep their car running to go out here and do this. So Street outlaws is going to do it with all kinds of money because the show wants to put something like that on why don't they get the real Street racers that are out here doing it working their asses off every day Now that would be a real street racing show

  10. man i almost feel like they are messing with us and it’s an R.C car! small tire, 110 race gas, micro chips to tune??? i wouldn’t put it past those two to trick us like that! 🤣🤣

  11. id be interested in purchasing some of the cars after there finished.. usually all these tv shows i see use top notch parts but crammed into a small time frame so the proper work isnt always done around the premium parts

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