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  1. I no longer watch street outlaws i only follow Chief and Jackie i watch Chief on youtube now and its more intersting seeing Jackie getting her car together and Chief Vette couldnt careless about the others

  2. I think it's more the fact that big Chief would like to return to street outlaws put the rest of the 405 don't want him back? Blind man on a galloping horse can see that 405 are getting on a lot better and happier without him. I'm not a chief hater, just stating the facts

  3. The show isn’t suffering from his absence….. we knew he won’t come back and we don’t miss him on the 405 but I keep watching them do their own thing on YouTube

  4. I think Street Outlaws kinda screwed the pooch. Ryan Martin kinda needs to be the face of the show now but they have buried his personality so much over the years anything going forward is going to come across fake. Sean is okay as a stand in but I don't know if he can carry the show.

  5. The show sucks without big chief and big chief’s YouTube sucks even more unfortunately as far as entertainment goes.

  6. People just need to get over it chief is gone and all the 405 say that this is the best show they ever done so what does that tell you from what I've heard they loved it with the team they have now

  7. Would love to see another network, surprisingly air a Midwest Streetcars show. Even better if they ran it back-to-back with the new 405 show.
    If I were Monza, I would try my best to hire Chief to both tune and drive the new NPK Chevelle for season six. Or at least hire someone to tune and drive it. Otherwise, we can expect a potential top three car finish the season as we usually do. Same goes for Shawn / not murder anymore. I'm a 405 fan not afraid to say NPK has made losers out of the OG 405 racers. With the exception of Ryan and a couple others. Especially Monza and Shawn because they had the cars to be competitive and did seriously piss poor, 5 seasons straight.
    I don't think a faster NPK car will help these two. Got to have or be a class a tuner and have the ability to go fast several rounds each night. Not ones a week.

  8. Hey sim there's no doubt in my mind they're not coming back there having to much fun doing there own thing. And to those who say chief is slow and not in the game really don't know him he is a student of the game and chooses not to run npk or do t.v. anymore but the boy can run with the best of them just saying as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  9. Hey Sim buddy hopefully your Holiday's are good and safe , Yeah I don't see Ghief & Jackie returning to the show , I think he's really enjoying doing his own thing and the Utub channel as for the new show it would be nice to see him come back for that because I really don't see Shawn being Race Master I'm a Murder Nova fan but I think Shawn rather just race . Well buddy have a great & safe holiday & Happy NEWYEARS ⛄✨.

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