BIG CAM Mr. 4 Speed 1968 L023 HEMI Dodge Dart Drag Car Leaving Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Filmed with a Panasonic GH5 camera – Four on the Floor baby!
Herb McCandless’ Mr. 4 Speed Plymouth Duater built for NHRA Super Stock Drag Racing. 426 HEMI.

Internal Combustion

Millitary Attractions

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Internal Combustion

Millitary Attractions

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  1. If i was the dude behind that hemi i would just SMELL that high test race fuel, and bathe in it DIG HIGH OCTANE FUEL!!!!
    And dig that lil big HEMI DART………

  2. I would have to drive that car , I couldn't put it on a trailer…don't care how rare it is or how much it's worth…..makes no sense to me not to enjoy that….just my opinion

  3. when you have the perfect amount of lift,duration,compression,carburetion,and a hemi block you sound like this,you buy lots of real fuel,lots of real fun,we live but once

  4. For a minute I thought that was a sox and Martin Dart!!!,….you know dam well when your driving this slow you have to constantly be revving the gas and working the clutch at the same time…..I used to live for that shit !!!… Cruising through the pits at Atco dragway…….I had a 1968 dodge dart with a 440 Sixpack in it!!!!….gray with black bumble bee stripes on the ass end!!!

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