Big Cam BLOWER SURGE Supercharged 1967 Camaro SS “CRUSHER” Start Up Leaving MCACN Muscle Car Show

Filmed with a Panasonic GH5 camera – first gen hugger orange 69 Camaro with a big ass 871 supercharger sticking through the hood. filmed at the muscle car and Corvette Nationals outside of Chicago. MCACN Pro E85. car that runs 8’s in the 1/4 mile. Blower Surge with a cammed Lopey Idle from hell

#cammed #blowersurge #firstgen

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Internal Combustion

Millitary Attractions


  1. Not a fan of lean idle blower surge. Back in the day, when something ran like this, we knew the guy couldn't tune it right. Now guys "want" this. LOL Nice car though.

  2. ahhh, nothing like the smell of NOX and gasoline filling up the room and watching these powerful classics running on exploding dinosaurs leaving the hall to go do some runs xD

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