Best of Black Smoke Racing 2010 Compilation Video

Finally the compilation video is edited and ready! Check out the video and see what we’ve been up to the 2010 season. Enjoy and Comment! also we need more sponsors for next season if someone is interested please contact us at or

Thanks to Kouzin Bedlam and Gakko 3 for the music!


  1. If its a original diesel with no turbo originally, I wouldn't recommend it, because then there is a big risk of blowing the head gasket because of the preassure 🙁

  2. doesnt matter how many energy drink sponsors you have, dont care if you got tires that creates orange smoke, a diesel mercedes sideways ALWAYS beat your redicilous supra/silvia

  3. @ 6:12 alm racing audi 20vT quattro…..thats the star of the show there lol nothing gets sideways like a pumped quattro….NOTHING!!!!!AHHHHH!

  4. aside from cheaper fuel costs, is this a more economical way to build a drift car? I suppose the diesel engine is more reliable and can take a big amount of punishment compared to a petrol engine…

  5. Like answered, thats just diesels for u. c: I'm by far no expert. AT ALL, but I wud assume ,that it's the unburned diesel, that gives it the black smoke.. (When it gets ignited in the exhaust system). Petrol = backfire during that.. Diesel = black smoke =) .. Correct me if im wrong anybody! Please!.. -Just look up any tractor pull, looks like a coal locomotive taking off.. :p

  6. from the video i see that the chassis is so fucking strong, doesnt flex at all. this car is a monster, a true car made of iron and steel. great car man.

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