Behind the Scenes: The Fastest Lotus GT Race Car – /SHAKEDOWN

Leo Parente and ShakeDown travel to the American Le Mans Series Mosport GP, before heading right to the Spa24 and more GT racing. The Lotus Evora GT of Alex Job Racing in the 2012 ALMS gets an up-close look and discussion. OMG, is this Lotus Racing program going well, just a paint job, or the Lotus Indy mess with fenders?


  1. Good job Leo! You guys make race tech interesting. Anyone know what the spec are on the new 2012 engine they where discussing?

  2. its too damn bad that my friend who is a viper fan can talk shit because they were fatser then lotus out the blocks, but its ok i have faith!

  3. Probably got more to do with money – don't forget we are still in the middle of a recession, and the Lotus factory is already running multiple racing series

  4. I dont get why AJR even went with Lotus. Can someone please enlighten me?
    Honestly IMO they'd be better off running Astons or Corvettes. Heck maybe even a R8 LMS if they can get the support.

  5. They do man Im happy to see them back. I think they will get a win soon. But my ideal GT class would have everyone right there so anyone can win at anytime. First Lotus need to make a better car and engine combo lol

  6. Hit the nail on the head, last 2 seconds to be competitive is where all the really hard (read expensive) work starts. Every one of us that develops Lotus cars (for racing) knows that there is no "factory" support … we go it alone and hope Lotus Cars survives.

  7. With support from Lotus in England I could see the Evora beating the pants off of the 911. But that will never happen cause Lotus isn't interested in expanding sales here in the USA. They are expanding into Asia

  8. But people don't buy f1 cars they buy road cars so there trying to make there normal cars look the best

  9. in assetto corsa my best car:) fast ass hell and with great balance/stearing much better than porsche, ferrari, lambo. Great simulation for maniacs gt

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