1. Sorry Ronnie I’m a fan. But it’s definitely time to go a different direction engine wise. I like the new car also. But it’s hard to see you in anything but a Nova.

  2. Been saying for a while that Ronnie should upgrade. He did, just not enough. Like the new car. Was disappointing to see that same old nitrous motor, sitting there. Besides that nitrous prices are rediculously high. They can't keep up with the turbo cars. Ronnie is a street racing Legend. He needs to get with the times. Right now he's living off of past successes. Just want to see him have success

  3. he will get that car figured out….just like every new setup….sometimes it takes a little to get these cars dialed inn….wish him the best.

  4. I like barefoot Ronnie it’s a shame he can never win any races. Especially against that lowlife little fat kid Chucky cheese.

  5. Cant wait til ronnie gets everything lined out in the Camaro… . i enjoy watching him….Cause hes OG an true to the game….congrats on the new car

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