1. They realised they stuffed up with the whole global warming thing. They did get it more accurate now by calling climate change. Been changing since before ice age

  2. I really don't know why people whine when your making a living, sure you may create a little mayhem whilst your working but you do make a concerted effort to reinstate the areas as best you can before you leave.

  3. I just saw where Bobby Goodson has decided to hang up his hat and just can't make the numbers work with these fuel prices. I hope the local jobs are plentiful for LW till this passes…The world is a mess and crossing this creek is not the real problem at all. Greed…😕

  4. Your Spring is late and our Winter is early (not that they are as cold as you have of course). Great to see you back in the logging paddock. Pity more do not understand the logging business and its benefits.

  5. just watched the swamp logger is pulling the plug on his company. says the high cost of fuel is too much, so he's shutting down and selling every thing. such a sad deal with the high prices of fuel.

  6. I'll be a Son-Of-A–Ditch !!!
    My mom would tell me, "Son there are two things in this world I can't stand and you're both of them." Only in a loving way – of course.

  7. Wade I think there will always be someone that complains no matter how hard you try to make it work. I think you guys take very good care of the woods. Have a good one.

  8. Some days I wish I lived closer to you. I’d fill in on the grapple skidded for a day. Thrown in lunch and you wouldn’t even have to pay me I would be having so much fun!

  9. Love the vids. But even though I come here hoping to get away from it we all have opinions, so I can understand why you "accidentally" let some things slip. Even when we may not agree, all I ask is please understand what you are talking about, don't just take talking points and run with it. It is what has and is dividing our country and will be the end of our great experiment if it continues.

  10. When the wheeled cutter lays a tree down does he get out and top it with a saw? I know you use your machine to cut the tops out and cut lengths out sometimes and was wondering if the other cutter man has to top the trees or is the tree takes out with the top? One more question, by acreage only including forested areas, what is the largest piece of land you've cut either clean or select?

  11. Glad to see y’all still going! Just seen we’re Bobby Goodson’s closing the doors and Gonna be selling out just hope I still get to watch you cutting wood for a long time since you and Bobby was only logging channels I enjoy!

  12. I am complaining! Letsdig18 has me really spoiled with his super clean glass windscreens. Winston must go out and clean them every morning. One would think that those Wade boys would do a super job of keeping the glass sparkling in everything Wade and his mother operate. And for Pete's sake; clean the camera with lens cleaner or with Windex with Ammonia and soft paper towels. I would come over and do it for Wade but I cannot afford the Diesel. If I could afford the Diesel, I would come up with a better excuse like old men are not supposed to be climbing in and around heavy equipment. You do a great job on your videos. Being able to see the woods and whatever you doing would be swell as well. 🙂

  13. Well sir, when walked down that dry creek bed and showed both sides of the banks and how you were going to cross, I immediately give it a pucker factor of 8 on the scale of 1-10, you guys don’t get paid enough for what you go thru. Thanks for the ride along young man.

  14. Don't forget that extra soft paper for the cry baby's tears ,loggerwade is a legend .safety and prosperity to all you love .

  15. If you're still looking for your warm weather, I think it's down here doubling up with my warm weather in Texas. Two days before this video came out, it was 106 here. Maybe it was supposed to be 53 in both places?😁😁

  16. You say this is near home, is this the job where Dirt Perfect helped build the road in to Big Momma? Oh BTW do you have to walk the entire area and mark every tree you are taking down or do you select as you go?

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