B-Rad's Procharged Luminasty!!

Street Outlaws no prep kings live rolled into minnesota or their points race. At that race we filmed Brad’s luminasty which is a procharged chevy lumina. It is a luminas that brad has been racing in no prep kings since day one of the series. Brad has undergone some serious changes since the first season of no prep kings. In the first season the lumina was a nitrous setup on a big block chevy six thirty two motor. But, now brad sports a even bigger motor with a procharged setup. The car is lightweight but has added the required weight for the class. The car is a proven car going several rounds in no prep races and overall has done well on the street as well. Brad is a dark horse in the series beating ryan martin a couple of times which is a very difficult thing to do. Check out brad in the video and for more no prep coverage we do follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. We all understand that next season is exciting, but itd be great if we could get the whole schedule at once, some of us need to make the appropriate accomodations

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