Azn Grudge Race Plus More Grudge Racing!!

In this video we continue our coverage of the farmtruck and azn racing event held at edinburg motorsports park located in south texas in Edinburg, Texas. What makes this grudge racing unique is the fact that it all happened in the spur of the moment. First up, was the winners of the last two videos we released were supposed to race each other for $1500. It was suppose to be hammerhead which was the procharged corvette vs the nitrous assisted red s10. The only problem is the red s10 was broken and now they didnt have a race. So, they asked the slowmod who lost the first round of grudge to the red s10 to race, he agreed. After that matchup, time was not wasted as azn hopped in a mini van and started racing a cargo van in money race. At the end of race farmtruck was looking for his money where it was no where to be found. Check out all the antics of this event and for more coverage stay tuned to our social medias at:


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