Axe Man Street Outlaws Drama and Searching For A New Car

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  1. for the record, there is no defend your spot rule for anyone on the list.

    the rule is: if you race and if the spot does not change hands, then the lower number cannot call the higher number back out. if the spot does change hands, the lower can call out the higher.

    since there is no one above #1 and no one below #20, both of those spots do not have that protection.

    but there is no rule that says you have to defend your spot.

  2. When your number one you race and prove your number one….I never heard Kye crying once…he raced every chance he could even though he lost he was trying to prove he’s number one. Ax man reminds me of that guy from Chicago…won a race claims glory for life 🤣.

  3. Everyone I talked to about the axman drama lost a lot of respect for him. Saying how bored he was then refuses a legit call out. Self proclaimed Legend. Lol

  4. This is for you simabcxyz. Do a poll here about the rules in a couple of questions so everyone can give their opinion on what they want to see or not see in the show. Like "do you like chase is a race as a rule?" and so on. It's better to try to change things than just complaining about it every time…Collect the answers and send it to chief so we can help him doing a even better show…👊

  5. I lost all respect for cry baby axman after that. If you are #1 on the T20 list you must defend the spot at all cost. Not cry about racing the #2 man on the list.

  6. He's been hanging out with Memphis to long, and now he is starting tp act like them. They are all a bunch of scammers. It should be who got the fastest car, not who can out scam who.

  7. I believe the tv producers told ax man to get loud cause a scene. I've heard other guys say the producers would tell some guys to get loud.

  8. I love that shirt, I am also busy with a no interior project car 1977 Chevrolet Chevair – Warm regards from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Would love to get you on my Youtube Channel, Tripple G Racing.

  9. Theres a lemans in Loners Wisconsin. Thats along the lines of what you want. Has a motor but doesnt run .. Facebook marketplace .. I believe its a 68

  10. I still like axman but that dude acted like a big crybaby. Who cares if you have to race chief again. Dude that’s what you’re there for. Also I know it does not matter but if it was not for chief none of them would even be on TV.

  11. Axe man I think is a good dude he just lost his cool it happens. But I would bet he apologized to Big Chief and not cause hes scared its cause he's a respectful guy.

  12. Is that why Blain couldn't call out princess cause she defended her spot and Blain just got to the list… That's all the racers talked about was defending there spot till about the 12 episode chief changes the rules….he never mentioned it in the beginning.. Cantu said he was defending his 9th spot cause jj called him out… that's why jj said" he's not defending he's dominating"… why didn't they say something about it then??? So they didn't just get the rule out of thin air… I'll state more facts when needed.

  13. Axman was scared to run Kye again. Kye had him until shocker went left into his lane. Axman knew Kye would make adjustments and bust his ass.

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