AWD Street Battle! 750hp VADER STi vs 700hp DSM vs 850hp Evo

Three 700+hp four bangers met up on the street and decided to line up against each other in one of the most badass dig races we’ve seen from AWD cars in awhile! The Vader STi is no joke, sporting giant drag radials and a big GT4094 turbo, forged 2.5L Motor with a stock 6-Speed 2007 Transmission where the DSM is rocking the Precision 6466 on 39psi feeding a STOCK (minus springs, retainers, head studs and cams) on big sticky slicks as well. The third car is a nasty 850hp Evo that didn’t get the greatest launch but kept up on the top end. These cars LAUNCH out of the hole, and the race couldn’t have gone off any better!
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  1. the issue with these cars is they are not made for durability. Really built for screwing around. Break all the time with stock this and that. Most of them sit next to the garage after they break, until Mom says: GET THAT F….ING PIECE OF CRAP OUT OF MY YARD!!!

  2. Mostly stock Talon…..Fuckn awesome. It was still pulling if you noticed at the end the Dsm hit the brakes. Definitely a little faster than the sti….

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