Auto Buyers Guide Podcast | Episode 2

What happened to episode one? Well, sorry about that we had some recording issues…

In this episode Tim and Alex talk Volkswagen. What they have been up to, where they are going, and can VW ever really do well in the USA?

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  1. Alex and Tim are some of my favorite YouTube experts. I have loved watching Tim do watch content for years. I have loved watching Alex on cars for years. This is such an unexpected cool surprise. Both of you are no nonsense reviewers and trusted experts. Couldn’t be happier!! What a match!

  2. I loved the Beetle and it would have worked for my needs but it got such horrible reliability ratings so I never bought one. There are no VW on the market that in any way interest me..

  3. Are there any EV manufacturer seriously considering making an EV with ability of a battery swapping system? Altho costly, multiple battery stations which has charged battery packs ready to swap into a depleted EV, similar to putting in fresh batteries into a dead flashlight. Makers seem shortsighted to bank on non-removable battery packs instead of fast swaps.

  4. The VW strategy you are describing is precisely what they are doing on the other side of the world. Want a European Passat? What about a North American Passat? What about something that is loosely based on the last Passat? Buy any of these, as a new car in China today.

  5. Wait 5-10 years before considering an EV. Many bugs to work out, charging infrastructure still unreliable, battery technology will improve charging and range significantly. Most importantly prices will come down substantially so they're affordable for average buyer. Remember theoretical range is nowhere near real world range when you factor in hot/cold temperatures, aftermarket tire/wheel replacements (not super eco-tire/wheels that come factory).

  6. Tesla just stopped including their mobile chargers with their cars. Kinda like Apple and the lack of a USB cable when buying an iPhone, except not everyone already has a mobile EV charger.

  7. I had a Rabbit made in Germany, but it used Motrola alternator. When it came out it took over that market share. Dodge's knock off had actually had a VW engine and they had to get the parts from them.

  8. Battery swapping resolves all the issues you both have with EV, DCFCing, plus it has other benefits too. Which is why China is promoting it, by creating battery swapping standards. And India is following them. While Europe (ie just Norway for now) is at least getting, its 1st NIO battery swapping station.

    So it's a shame that the USA seems like it will be a lagger for adopting it. Since the larger battery packs needed in bigger US vehicles would benefit the most from being able to swap out a battery pack

  9. Great podcast! This is the first I've heard about the timeline for a F150 Lightning review. Do you anticipate that it will be in early May or late May?

  10. About "why is the VW buss called a buss when it competes with minivans?" That's the wrong question… It's really "Why is the VW Buss shaped like a buss?" Becuase it's meant to be a cheaper smaller Minivan and the buss shape alows it be that. Now why the BEV version has to ZZs? It's trendy and I don't like it but Imight get the BEV Buss if the price is right becuase of that buss shape and all he passanger compacity it has. I mean it's diracte competers are the Model X and the GMC hummer.

  11. About the Eletrfy America sistuation… VW was forced to make it becuase they broke emisions laws and the US(Really everyone) for some reason did not want to make BEV charging part of Power companies or manddate and or pay gas companies to put chargers in all their gas stations I still don't get that etheir… Like they covered up climate change for monies but don't want to make monies with puting chargers/Hydrogen pumps at every gas staion? Like how dumb are those people.

  12. good luck with rural EVs in areas wehre power goes out during storms. There won't be a cultural transition to EVs, they solve no problem

  13. Love the conversation concerning VW between 2 professionals who know the historical automotive market. Keep Tim for future discussion on this channel and Alex on Autos!

  14. Ford recently gave people a way to plug and charge with the lower cost on EA. I think you have to pay per year instead of per month though. I don't have my mach e yet to find out if you can do a monthly option or just connect your fordpass and ea account and pay monthly 😅.

  15. Just fully charged my Model 3 LR — the maximum charge, at home using a Tesla charger, was 90 percent, period. So who’s exceeding that figure and how are they getting there? The Tesla default is exactly right. What am I missing?

  16. Excellent discussion, Alex and Tim. I was curious about where the responsibility/business case lies for charging infrastructure so I reviewed the early gas stations in the US. It turns out that they were wholly owned by oil companies, which makes sense when you think about it from a vertical integration standpoint. Seems to me that the power companies have the know-how to build out the charging network, plus they’re already heavily regulated.

  17. The German production levels for EV's is pure fantasy. I ordered an S580 and got a confirmed allocation the next day in late October. I'm still waiting……

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