Audi Dyno – First 2 Pulls Ever! Guess the Horsepower?

#streetoutlaws : No Prep Kings has changed! This is now a team sport, and I have the opportunity to draft my own team if you vote for me to represent YOU as the People’s Choice Captain!!

Go to to cast your vote for me every day, and follow @StreetOutlaws to keep up to date with where I stand.

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I couldn’t be more excited to finally strap my brand-new Audi to the Dyno and get the first two pulls ever! Can you guess the horsepower? Put your guess into the comments below for Horsepower and Torque. I will reveal the numbers next Friday and award the winner with something really unique and collectible.

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  1. I want to thank you for the link to vote. I have to be honest that I'm voting for Lizzy as often as I can because of it. But I would have never known about it at all without your kind instruction! YES, of course I like you just fine, no issue there at all but she is a hell of a lot better looking, every bit as fast, and as you know the poor gal is going through hell right now. So, if I can help her to feel good in ANY WAY at all I'm going to do it. You will have a great turn out voting for you no doubt, and I even hope you do VERY WELL. I hope you understand.

  2. Is he wearing those cheesey tactical sun glasses they sell on late night infomercials, and on the over the air digital TV channels? Not bashing, I cut the cable 12 years ago and I love it but the commercials are geared for homebound 50-80 year olds. Hilarious

  3. Milkshake question yeah it's got 4000 4 fingers yeah before fingers you had up on your hand saying yes sir horsepower yeah good luck

  4. Really doesn’t matter how much power it makes, the question is “can you get it down the race track.”? Ryan Martin isn’t the best because he makes the most power it’s because he and his crew know how to apply it to the surface they’re on. Dave’s been doing this a long time, he’ll get the new Hot Rod figured out I’m sure. 👌🏻

  5. What up Daddy Dave love your street outlaws videos love you too always and can't wait until you come back to pine bluff Arkansas and Come race at our pine bluff Port I really want to meet you in real life and take care of yourself and your family and friends and Happy Mother's Day to y'all and all beautiful mothers where you stay at and God blessed you and your family and real friends from pine bluff Arkansas

  6. I have always been a big fan and watch when I could. I started watching when you was driving the GMC sanoma. I watched you in the Corvette. I can't always watch, but I will when I can !

  7. 4:40 3523.8 HP
    I’ve been voting for you for the last month Dave and I hope you become team captain
    I really don’t like how discovery/pilgrim made the whole team “thing” front and center but there’s an individual competition too and I hope you can beat Ryan and secrete weapon (Steve Petty) in the individual events (now that he’s on a 34.5 tire)
    I’m hoping you can get a championship this year
    What’s the wheelbase length on that Audi

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