Arizona Runway Cash Days, The New Year's Git Down! Close Races, Crazy Cars, Big Wrecks.

The GIT DOWN! Presented by BoostAddictz

36 street cars, no prep, water only, Flashlight start.

Special thanks to our drone pilots adding an extra element to this feature! Be sure to shoot them a follow on IG: @BrianWoodwardFPV @blackdrakefpv

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  1. Yeah let's just leave this parked here there's no way the could even make it to it to hit it that was pretty dumb imagine the car unsetting and kick to the right at high speed and that's the first thing u hit thats not going to be good

  2. Anybody know how fast those guys mph …. I’ve notice a lot promoters making classes for true street cars that don’t alllow funny car cages … which I think is absolutely stupid…. You should as a promoter always encourage safety!!! Funny car cage don’t make you faster …..

  3. I like the setup of the area, open field area with no objects to hit, at least it helps when they lose control and not run into stuff head on. Great video coverage, one of the best racing contents I have seen, subscribed.

  4. Small tire gotta stop acting so scary and get whooped by awd or beat them lol. I hate to see awd in big tire, should be optional like wrd small tire in big tire.

  5. Been racing on the streets for years. Sometimes you have to let out and save it for another day. Or be ready to build a new car. Great video I just hit that sub button! Best video quality and angles on all of youtube!!

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