Aprilia Tuareg 660 Q&A | T7 & 900 Rally comparo? Comfort? Is it torquey?

Is it better than a Tenere 700? How does it compare to a Tiger 900 Rally Pro? How is it for two up riding? I’ll answer them and more in this Q&A video on the Tuareg 660.

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  1. Thanks for your comments on my question. I did end up getting the tiger 900 RP. But I do still look back longingly at the tuareg and wonder if I made the right decision. I guess I am looking for that unicorn bike. Where I live I have to ride very far on asphalt. But when I get to the off road I push it pretty hard. My pillion wasnt complaining about the KLR we have, but once she got a taste of the tiger, she enjoys the ride much more.
    The tiger is a premium bike with a premium price, it's a huge leap from a Klr650. Tuareg would have been a big step, but not a leap.
    Tuareg expands on the KLR.better on road, better off road. The tiger is nearly as good on the off road, but it amazing on the asphalt.
    Just recently found your channel. Love it. You are probably the only youtuber that mentioned the tuareg and tiger in the same sentence.

  2. Happy new year. I wish you a great 2023! Yeap it is nick-P-G-R-E. Thanks for posting this. Great video m8, hope you enjoy it and have great time with it! Ill be following along! Take care

  3. Curtis
    Your comparison (and torture tests 🙂 are the most honest and objective I have seen; how about you lean the other way and do a comparison with your KLR and a V_Strom ?

  4. I am interested to know what the fuel range is? Some claim about 400km if you take it easy, others are getting just over 300km with normal riding.

  5. Good vid mate. I rode this recently. I agreed with you exactly about the suspension and what was needed to improve it. I rode it on the road and some gravel but felt the same suspension adjustments would yield dividends. I didn't like any of the throttle 'maps', but I loathe RBW. I did like how generally easy the menus were to navigate (But I only had it for an hr, so didn't have time for a deep dive). I annoyed a lot of people with my review because I was so distracted by how much I disliked the RBW and how bad the ABS was on the road. If I ever ride another one, I'll try to spend time on what the positives were – suspension and centralised mass. I was considering riding the Norden 901, but if they've seen my vid on the Tuareg, I'm not sure I'll get a ride. Also, I'm wondering if there is any point as I understand that you can't turn off any of the 'farkles' on the 901… I could be wrong.

  6. Late to the party, but I didn't hear you mention in the questions, if/when you turn off the ABS or put it in a certain mode, does it stay in that mode when it is switched off and back on or do you have to reset the modes everytime you shut the bike off? Thanks.

  7. Hay mate , I have two many bikes and selling 3 of them ( strongly considering the Aprilla 660 )
    For the following :
    1. To do my ADV riding
    2. For my road riding
    ( as I have a 900 road bike & 2 off road bikes a SWM RS 650 – sold getting picked up on the 10th and will advise my road bike soon . My other off road bike XT660 will sell after I MAYBE 🤔 get the Aprilla. I live in the Albury/ Wodonga area and our Honda dealer also sells , Aprilla , Moto Guzzi, Indian etc . I have test ridden the 660 and enjoy it .
    I’m 55 so speed isn’t a big factor
    I’m short and can actually touch the ground with both feet ( not flat footed )
    I would lower the seat
    I love that it have cruise control- has I have a crap 💩 wrist from one of my many crashes 😂😂😂.
    Have you looked into a second set of rims ( one set for the road riding and other off road . My mate does thus with his 701 . So my other concern is long term reliability and dealer support when I’m away from local area . I hear it’s hard to get parts ?

  8. thanks for the answers very good and clear.

    I now own a T7 and am not happy with the throttle response even after an ecu flash it remains difficult to control.

    how do you experience this with the Tuareg, is there an on/off effect?

    greetings from the Netherlands

  9. Any suggestions on lowering options? I need to get it down as much as possible, 50mm if possible. I currently have a bm gs 750 lowered and low seat and can barely touch, the weight is hard to handle because I'm on tip toes. This bike is looking like a great replacement option but I'd like one foot on the ground.

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