Another MAJOR Publication Snubs Tesla

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  1. Bear approaches MY at a new SuC with CCS charging. Thinks, "I don't have opposable thumbs"

    Trashes Mach E next to it in rage.

    AAA reports a glowing story about the encounter, and how Mach E is bear resistant.

  2. Tentatively, not much detail, 2025-2027, vehicle manufacturers rhetoric I am getting really tired of hearing. All I need is a long range rwd Model Y.

  3. Guess this shows you how much AAA's staff knows about EV's. Didn't even mention the great??? charging network that Ford Built????. Ha Ha
    I am sure they will be glad to use Tesla Superchargers if Elon decides to make them available here in the USA.

  4. INTERESTING: My understanding is that you cant even get Ford Mach Es anymore, or right now ? IF that is true they cant even produce them was that in the AAA article as well ? 😊

  5. It’s pretty sad how we have media, writers and even our own President to put up false narratives and do everything they can to discredit Elon & Tesla. It’s pretty clear it’s not working. The part I don’t understand is Tesla cards are more American made than any other Automaker.

  6. A very curious development about Tesla being left out of AAA's EV Buyers Guide. My first thought is that perhaps Tesla has been disrupting the roadside service business, on which AAA has a monopoly.

  7. Musk is killing Tesla. His antics, his tweets, his compulsiveness, his personal shortcomings are rubbing off on the brand. It's almost as if he's fast becoming a liability to the company he helped create. People don't want to associate with him now and by, extension, the company's products. Rivian, Lordstown, and Lucid are the hot new EV brands and Audi and their offerings (which are flat gorgeous) are going to start taking business away. Musk has every right to act like a fool. He also has to accept every consequence of doing so and unfortunately that hurts Tesla and it's employees who work so hard.

  8. This is exciting to hear about the ccs coming to the usa from Tesla. This will be fun to charge the bolt ev at the tesla station. Thus is going to be sweet. Espacialy when going to flagstaff from casa grande az.

  9. AAA, JD and big three car companies are all self supporting to each other. Tesla is an outsider. Not winning one of their awards just means their not in the club. Nothing more.

  10. 😉 average person = bear when trying to open Tesla model 3 or y door handles.
    Its too bad the industry is not recognizing or giving its due credit to Tesla – when indeed it is unarguably/factually Tesla that has led to this revolution of the EV industry.

  11. AAA's rag elevating erstwhile 'Model Y competitors' like the 'Mex-E' and 'ImDull.4' in a Tesla-free safe space is quaint — marshaling all the paid media in the world and throwing it against the Disruptor won't even move the needle in the market.

  12. Are there any news on the model Y 4680? I mean even if only employees got it they must charge somewhere. They must park somewhere. They must drive somewhere. Really strange that there is no pictures or reports of shitings.

  13. AAA has lost my respect with this article that is so biased it’s ludicrous. GM and Ford should throw in the towel stop wasting the taxpayers money with Multibillion dollar bail outs that were never paid back!!

  14. I very gullible, yet wonder if Tesla's ad budgeting had any effect on this ad-supported review. Maybe they really think non-Teslas are the cars normal people buy.

  15. What’s the point in anointing a car where production is 50,000 cars for 2022? My Model Y is the best car I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned some nice cars. How ridiculous that they aren’t even included in the Buyer’s Guide? Time to cancel my AAA membership.

  16. I pictured in the future sentry mode capturing a bear opening a Tesla.

    We will call that bear Yogi

    Yogi: I'm smarter than your average bear

  17. Isn’t it interesting that new automotive factories that are not Ford and GM are built a long way away from the traditional “stronghold” of automobile manufacturing? It would appear no interest at all in the existing workforce and UAW?

  18. Thanks for another weekly update Kim! Crazy that AAA didn't even mention Tesla once in their publication. Also really hoping you get your refreshed Model X soon too!🙏

  19. The Mach-E is undeniably a Mustang. What is AAA smoking? The only thing that makes the Mach-E a Mustang is the badge.

    So now my local Supercharger stations will get even more crowed, thanks Elon! This had nothing to do with moving electrification forward, it was all about greed. Just look at how much more expensive Supercharging stations have gotten, in my area the prices doubled. At some point using a Supercharging station will be as expensive as buying gas.

  20. The snubs by meaningless auto magazines and journals mean nothing when the real news is about Tesla’s insane demand and potential ramp up of four factories plus other factories , snubs do nothing to stop Tesla and Elon.

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