An Almost IMPOSSIBLE Build For Roadkill Nights (28 Days) – Savoy Build Video 1 – Hot Rod Garage BTS

Tight deadlines are nothing new around here! Last year, dad and I built a big tire Hellcat Challenger to race at MotorTrend’s Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge in 3 weeks. We completely gutted a brand new car and swapped in a TH400, 9 inch, and 4 link suspensions paired with 15×15 double beadlock wheels with 33″ Quick Time Pro Slicks. It was a successful combination that carried us to a win in the Hellcat Grudge match in 2021. With that said, as Roadkill Nights approached again this year, we had to start planning a return to Woodward to defend the title we had earned last year. Now that I am co-hosting MotorTrend’s Hot Rod Garage alongside Lucky Costa, the HRG crew decided to tackle this project and build the car on the show. We went with a 1955 Plymouth Savoy that we completely gutted to build what was once a daily “un-cool” car into something that would turn heads. But the project snowballed and took a bunch of crazy turns as we had to battle conditions and obstacles no one could plan for. DT was with us for an entire month at HRG – and for an entire month it was long hours and stressful days – but I think you guys are going to enjoy this!

I will be doing all the behind the scenes coverage here for those who want more info and the official full coverage will be shown on a couple episodes of Hot Rod Garage – Season Premiere September 5th!


  1. I live in Shawnee Oklahoma and i need help with my wife's car a 2008 Saturn outlook something is wrong. Just show me what to do, i worked in construction for 34 years and now I'm disabled so i have to work slowly on because i can't afford to take it to someone. If anyone can help me please

  2. As always, you and your dad killed it!!!! I hope you smoke everyone, but Alex, take it easy on Collette! She's a little badas too! Win but don't let her get hurt out there!!!! Go fast,get prettier and go faster!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!😜👍🥳😉😛🙂

  3. Congrats on joining the HRG team, this is going to be sweet. love the Savoy project, you and your dad really know how to get in deep SH!T with a rush project. really enjoy the look behind the build and commentary. thanks, keep at it.

  4. I love what you guys are doing , especially you Alex , now , imo skip whatever videos you have saved up and get current ,I’ll check in everyday if your content is up to date . Keep up the good work !

  5. Hello Alex can't wait to see the rest of the construction of the car and I will definitely be watching the episodes on Motor Trend Wishing you and your family well Take Care

  6. Thanks Alex, great vidio, l love when you and your par work together❕
    I'm a little under the weather?? So l will say all the best to you and your dad, lots of love. Be safe, go fast and remain pretty, you to Dennis.
    👍✌🏻🤘💙💜 🇨🇦 😎🖖

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