America's FIRST operational jet and worlds fastest jet

The Lockheed P-80 jet fighter is revealed to the public in this newsreel footage. The P-80 was America’s first operational jet fighter. It was vastly underpowered and was not much faster than some propellor driven fighter aircraft of its period.


  1. The Me163 rocket fighter was actually the fastest aircraft of ww2

    On the 2 October 1941, the Me 163 A V4, bearing the radio call sign letters, or Stammkennzeichen, "KE+SW", set a new world speed record of 1,004.5 km/h (624.2 mph), piloted by Heini Dittmar
    Rudy Opitz in 1944 reached 1,123 km/h (698 mph)

  2. @LottoWinner999
    Yes that's right. The world's fastest aircraft of WW2 had to glide to land and had a short engine duration.
    An idler engine was tested with the motive of extending flight duration.
    Similarly, Chuck Yeager's Bell X1 of 1947 was rocket powered, had to glide to land and achieved 1,299 km/h, 109mph faster than the Me163 from 6 years earlier.
    The X1 borrowed heavily from the research of the british Miles company and their development of the all flying elevator

  3. @LottoWinner999
    What is this "if you can't be nice" comment?
    You really seem to mean "If you can't give exclusive credit to americans and americans only"
    Kill rate of the ME163 is irrelevant to the issue of fastest Fighter of the war
    The Horten brothers flew a twin engine ALL FLYING WING in 1936, more than 4 years before Northrop flew an all flying wing. The Northrop design you mention had a TAILPLANE and they did not achieve a tail-less powered flight till 3 July 1941 That is the reality.

  4. @LottoWinner999

    Lame dude. The 1929 Northrop had twin booms and a tailplane.
    It is no more a flying wing or nurflugel aircraft than a P38 lightning.
    Northrops first actual flying wing flew in July 1940, so only 4years after the Horten's Ho II powered flying wing, andnot 5 years after as I suggested earlier.

  5. Horten bros and J Northrop had a lot more respect for each other than Grommo and Lotto. Horten pioneered a resurgance of interest in the flying wing with their successful glider. Northrop went his own way, but Horten was undoubtedly an inspiration for him. Ultimately, he achieved more. More planes. More successful flights, More flying time. And perhaps a better understanding of the practical problems. Ultimately, both were wrong. Stable flying wings are inferior to a conventional config.

  6. @LottoWinner999
    Have you ever considered that your posts can be percieved to be as full of hatred as the ones you rant about. When you respond to comments like those you oppose here, you only give power and recognition to those comments. I believe in the right of freedom of speech, that must extend to those who have different opinions than yours or mine. Isnt that what you served honorably in the USAF to protect, the constitution, which includes freedom of speech. Thank you for your service.

  7. Of course I am aware of the comments written on my videos.
    I caught your language I didnt approve of didnt I.
    Not every German was or is a Nazi.
    Besides, Da Vinci had the basic concept of a flying wing 400 years ago, so it was an italian, not a German and not an American who presented the concept.

  8. @LottoWinner999
    You better tell that to Otto Lilienthal.
    His hundreds of heavier than air flights must have been made with something OTHER than a wing?
    Other people such as new Zealander Pierce developed ailerons and the modern flight control surfaces we use today. Before the Wright brothers

    The only reason the 262 engines were not durable is because the materials for the alloys the German's wanted were in short supply due to the war.
    It's not as if they didn't realise they needed them!

  9. @LottoWinner999
    I have no hatred of American people. I feature a number of american innovations in my channel, including the bell systems jet & rocket belts, & the good-year inflatable planes.
    I'm working on a vid about the Bell X22 at the moment.
    In your eagerness to dispute anyone who cares to point out accurate details regarding the priority of innovations in case the reality doesn't favour the USA, you have been oblivious to my channel image which is the 332nd fighter group in action

  10. @LottoWinner999

    "Boast Nazi master race crap"
    Two of my most popular videos showcase the astounding performance of the FL282 flettner Kolibri, a German ww2 helicopter designed by Dr Kurt Hohenemser who was Jewish.
    If you think somehow I'm a champion of the idea of a Nazi Master Race when my channel comments specifically highlight the achievements of German Jews then I suggest you think outside your parochial prejudices

  11. @macbrack04
    Nationalistic slamming aside, you are partially correct. The first variant of the Meteor was operationally deployed a few weeks before the 262 in 1944. Its top speed was about that of the P-51, but its overall combat capability was less. Its main mission was intercepting V-1s. With the advent of the V-2, the F-1 Meteor was a plane without a mission. The F-3 Meteor, deployed on the continent in early 1945, was a worthy peer of the 262, although they never met in combat.

  12. @LottoWinner999

    So sad african american pilot's "families" back in USA were still beaten down to death for many years more after the "sole" racist nazi state was destroyed.

  13. @LottoWinner999
    Your out of here buddy. I warned you before, and your comment about the Queen of England
    was the last straw. Maybe someday you will learn a little respect, probably not.
    Either way, you wont be making comments on my videos anymore.

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    You get the same warning lottowinner999 got, NO FOUL LANGUAGE, or be blocked from my videos.
    You guys can argue all you want, its called freedom of speech, but I will not allow foul language or hate speech. Lottowinner999 is now blocked due to his continuing hate speech. Dont be next.

  15. @0willsy01
    I wish you guys would spend as much energy watching my other videos
    as you do arguing on this one…
    my hit counts would go sky high!

  16. The P-80 engine was the Brit Gloster Meteor engine. The A-bomb was developed from Fermi's (Italian) successful development of a controlled atomic fission reaction in Chicago, USA in 1942, Einstein's work, & Oppenheimer's (USA) work, & etc.

    No, the Imperial Japanese were not going to surrender to the USA (the UA contacted them before the 1st bomb was used & after it was used but no response form IJ) & tried talking Stalin into interceding on their behalf but Stallin told them to buzz-off.

  17. Obviously a propaganda type of film, since the P-80 was deemed too underpowered to even go against propeller driven a/c of the day. Because of this, it never saw combat until the Korean War and by then it was most definitely obsolete.

  18. Einstein was visiting the USA in 1933 when Hitler came to power. He wisely decided to stay indefinitely and not to go back to Germany, he was not kicked out by Hitler. His role in the A-bomb was rather indirect, and Hitler never had any A bomb development program, and if they had a bomb, it likely would have been used in the East. His racial ideas caused him to somewhat respect the English, while despising slavic peoples

  19. I'm not going to argue with you about Hitler's Atomic bomb program. I will just tell you that I watched several programs on the Military History Channel that said he did have an A Bomb program. These shows included interviews with former Nazi scientists who claimed to have been a part of said programs.

  20. The P-80 was powered by an I-40/J33, a vastly improved version of the original Whittle design.   Some of those J-33's are still being flown today.  America's first jet aircraft was the Bell P-59 Airacomet which used  2 each, direct copies of Whittle's engine.   It was primarily a testbed more than a fighter.  It was underpowered but still was faster than most piston aircraft above 30k ft ASL.   It could also climb higher than both the ME-262 and P-80.   The P-59 had a much lower wing loading than either the ME-262 or F-80. If the USAAF had fitted the P-59 with the J-33 engine, it would have been a much better aircraft.   The P-80 and ME-262 were dead even in most of their performance envelope.  The P-80 however had the much more reliable engine.  In a pure dog fight, my money would be on the P-80, as bomber destroyer, the ME-262.  

  21. Wrong Tom. You are thinking of the XP-59 which first flew in 1943 not the P-80; both of which were first flown at Muroc Army Air Force Base now known as Edwards AFB. The P-80 had similar flight characteristics to the ME-262

  22. Actually it spawned the excellent 2-seat jet trainer, the T-33 Shooting Star, that remained in service for decades and was exported to other countries as well. It was more commonly referred to as the T-bird in later years. The T-33 was indeed an excellent design, although quite lethargic thanks to its underpowered engine, typical of early jet engines of the era.

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