Americas Fastest AllMotor 2.3L Nissan 10.88 @ 123.54

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  1. This is really the fastest b13 in America ?..because there are faster ones in my country ..and they look regular except for under the hood

  2. In Jamaica this car would be legendary. We call it the b13. I've been stuck between the b13 & the ae111 corolla. You guys have proved the b13 can be great.

  3. Lo k no entiendo es porque nadien sabe meter los cambios, de ese modo,nunca van a hacer nada.Con el mismo carro y caballos,los tiro lejos nomás por la forma pendeja de arrancar.Arrancan como alguien que anda aprendiendo

  4. Go check out my B13
    Look up B13VQ swap on YouTube. Badass setup. And please don’t forget to Subscribe and hit the notifications bell cuz we will keep updates going for you all

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