American Muscle Cars Fails / Wins Compilation | Best Engines & Big Power 2022

Badass Muscle Cars Fails / Wins Compilation 2022.

This episode shows the most amazing and unusual driving moments.
If you have any questions about the video used, please write under the video in the comments, I’ll be sure to answer you.
If necessary, I will delete the video or send additional credits.


  1. I'm virtually a fan of almost every kind of truck or car; even ones with autos or dct paddleshifters. I like the muscle cars in this vid and I also like the E39 540/M5 and the MitEvos. the disadvantage of muscle cars is that they're GOD AWFUL LOUD but they kick the shit out of most other cars in a straight line. I also like the Mustang GT350 and F250 and F350

  2. Lol, "stupid mustang!" As the 'tard passes judgment from the sidewalk. All kinds of credibility from one who's walking…And, molten rubber burns don't it? Life lesson learned the hard way. Luv it.

  3. Shit goes wrong, but God dammit, stay in the throttle at all costs !!! If you can afford to … you'll eventually get onto a dumbshit's video like this who probably has no car …

  4. Just a gonna spend that much on your ride…and I'm all about owning and enjoying a Hotrod… someone needs to spend some on a fire extinguisher… this goes out to the fans on the sidewalk too….

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