Amazing Car Collection at AE Performance

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Though we originally respected their privacy when they asked not to say who owned the cars, as we filmed this in November of 2012, it makes no sense now not to say the cars all belonged to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Both were good friends of The Smoking Tire. They tragically lost their lives on 11/30/13, and the world is officially a worse off place without them. Paul and Roger will be dearly missed by everyone who ever got to see their smiles, exchange words, or spend time with them at the track. RIP Roger and Paul.

– The Saleen SA-10 is not powered by a 351 Windsor, it’s a Supercharged 5.0L.
– We apologize for the audio glitches at the end of the video, our microphone battery was dying and we did not bring headphones to monitor it.


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  1. Dude not talking shit, i love the videos, but every single video Ive seen has something wrong and it is always the camera guys fault.n

  2. It will always be a mystery to me why they don't make these lifts so high that you can walk under them standing straight. Money is obviously not the problem.. .. I just don't get it.

  3. Saw this as one of my suggested videos just now and remembered this is the vid that got me hooked on The Smoking Tire many, many years ago!

  4. This guy is a closet hater. I called him out about a video he posted and he went to my Instagram account and posted my car is slow and ugly.
    Then told me to kill my self. Classic hypocrite. He’s just pretending to not be a doosh.

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