All Harley World Shootout LIVE – Round 1 2022, Fayetteville, NC

Enjoy the opening round of motorcycle drag racing eliminations from the All Harley World Shootout in Fayetteville, NC at “Stunnaville” as we enjoy some of the world’s quickest and fastest Harley Davidson Baggers and even some Nitro Bikes. Michael Balch and his GMS Racing Nitro Funny Bike will face off with Rocky Jackson and his Harley Davidson Pro Fuel drag bike.

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  1. It’s cool as hell because you can totally tell these guys are old hardcore bikers that have rode Harleys from the beginning. racing on the streets because there was no class for them. Now there’s a class there’s public interest thanks to channels like this one.

  2. Definately not a rookie!Great content:great shows'and i'd rather see the racing not the tree;but that's just me!You won"t please everybody!See a lot of negative comments on here!Which tells me they don"t watch the racing:more interested in you jack!

  3. Hey Jack, nice streaming event yesterday! A big thanks to Cycle Drag for letting us watch the races. If I can’t be there.. the next best way to view is Cycle Drag on YouTube! Way to keep your audience engaged, I truly enjoyed the show. Shout out to Body Armor for keeping you hydrated.. gotta get that sponsor.

  4. Your video quality sucks! 1080p Minimum!!! You make enough videos to know this one sucks for quality. What kind of potato were you using to film???? You have enough views and sponsors so there is NO excuse for the bad video quality. WTF is wrong with you????

  5. Jack I also love all motorcycle racing but let the harleys have their day.Disposable bikes also have their day…grudge racing sounds good to!👍

  6. Hell with showing tree that country ass track needs to show win light..hole shots aren't top end!!wish I was there and wouldn't matter😄👍

  7. A little video dragging but not bad enough to stop me from watching!!!
    I'm loving the drag races. Both Bagger and the kids level. Also love oval track races and used to follow HD rider,
    Scotty Parker. Loving my new home in NC. Beautiful area 20 minutes from Tail of the Dragon. Many beautiful people and places to behold. God bless and keep up the great work 🙏

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