Alex Laughlin Top Fuel License In Scott Palmers Racing Dragster!!

Alex Laughlin made the trip up from Texas to Kansas International Dragway this last Sunday. Scott Palmer Racing let Alex use his Dragster to get his license and also will be letting him drive it at this weekends NHRA event in Morrison Colorado.


  1. Way to go guys, good drivin, one hole was blowing fuel, that's a lot of cylinder pressure. Love that nitro, works in your Pro Mod too, long as you don't tell anyone..😂

  2. Something happened it will not start , ok it took a lot to get this thing to start playing, what’s up with that , and now that it started it way to dark and blurry to watch, some one needs glasses 🤓, you should of asked a young person to look at the video, it’s like a blurry picture of a good race team , lolololololol9l, thanks BigAl California.

  3. Alex definetly has the skill and demeanor to shoe one of these things. Get him some seat time and a pile of cash for Palmer to buy parts and you will have a good marketing package

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