Alex Laughlin Admits He Might Be Done w/ Doorslammer Racing | The Wes Buck Show

Pro Stock and Pro Mod standout turned Top Fuel rookie Alex Laughlin admits that he may well be done with doorslammer drag racing after getting his feet wet in nitro racing. #alexlaughlin #dragracing #nhra #topfuel


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  1. Once again NHRA proves that it is run by a bunch of suits that don’t care about the racer. Seriously this rule is absolutely moronic. There is absolutely zero reason a contestant should not be allowed to run multiple “pro” categories especially with all the stoppages there are to inspect and or prep the track. I would love to hear NHRA’s imbecilic reason that a drive is prohibited from not being allowed to run two or more different “pro” categories but is allowed run a “pro” and a “non-pro” category or driver can enter multiple different “non-pro” categories. If the lame answer is because he or she may not make the call during eliminations than the simple answer is to put that driver on the clock and DQ them if they are not at the proper place at the proper time.

  2. You can race NHRA pro class at 16 what has the NHRA ( basically becoming like the NRA I can’t believe they made them race on a wet track at a nationals The Mist 50 Nationals or w/e they called it was about 10-12 years ago NHRA is getting out of hand with the outlaw side of thing )

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