Airstream vs Lamborghini Huracan & Police!!

Street outlaw ogs Farmtruck and Azn know how to have a great time during a drag race. In this video it is no different as farmtruck and azn brought out the air stream to race at the texas no prep kings event. But, this is not any ordinary race as Farmtruck jumped into the airstream to race a lamborgini huracan. The airstream is a basically a live in camper that can be towed across the nation. But, in typical farmtruck and azn fashion they converted the airstream to have a motor and suspension via a van underneath. Amazing build and extremely unique to race. The airstream is nicknamed the air scream for obvious reasons. The air scream didn’t only race a lamborghini but also raced the alabama police and even azn’s jeeper sleeper. Check out the video to see these sleepers do work and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I LOVED THE CAMPER GAPPING JEEPERS SLEEPERS. Light turned green and that camper did the squat and took off like lightning ⚡. So cool and fun!

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