AHRA Drag Racing History Channel – Gassers!

Tony and I discuss the evolution and differences of everyones favorite Coupe and Sedan Race Cars… The Gasser! I’m sure we missed something or got some things incorrect, so please leave some comments with anything you feel missed the mark. We read them all!


  1. Great vid good info I think it was only nhra but they had a rule besides the 24 in rule that was a frame or body could not be raised for weight transfer AHRA just said the motor could not be raised.

    The Mallicoats bros Willys ran a turbocharged SBC they did run a turbocharged hemi in a 2nd gen barracuda gasser.

  2. Love the Gasser history. I think the reason they are still popular in the nostagia racing had a lot to do with the cartoons and the Rat Fink model cars by Ed Roth and others that caught our imagination as kids. Anybody I knew that started hot rodding when they could drive had stacks of CarToon magazines and a model car or three…

  3. @UncleTony is is there any info about the The photo at 6:24? My dad bought an old 54 Corvette drag car and some of the histories missing. Would love to know if that's the car

  4. I got my shirt, stickers, and CD for my 3 year membership, in the mail. My wife and I have a daughter coming in November, and she's gonna grow up an AHRA kid. I want to show her a life, like I had in the 80s and 90s, where technology did not dictate a good time. Thank you for saving this organization. I am proud to be a member, as I am TOTALLY against being an NHRA member. #AHRA4LIFE

  5. I'm definitely not clicking away from talk of gasser cars! as a youngster I was in love with gassers, especially the early round nosed Falcons. I had traded away the body of Jimmy Addison's Silver Bullet (Ugh) that was ran in the Metro Detroit area for an unfinished 1963 Falcon gasser (supposedly a B/G coupe) with a firewall that was at the end of the dashboard! Straight axle, tilt front fiberglass front end, 9" Ford in the rear but no roll cage or sub frame connectors and Zero brakes! When Logghe Stamping Company told me they would not fix the front axle for disc brakes because A) it was going to be a street car & B) I had intended on using a BB Ford (390) I sold the car…. I miss both of those cars!

  6. Thank you for including a picture of Jack Merkel's Willys@ 19:17. I was introduced to Mr. Merkel at Englishtown in the pits. My friends were all running 67-70 Mustangs in different classes. A couple of the guys had engines built by him. He was well known as having won a national event in gas. Mr. Merkel took the time to speak to 14 year-old me, for a few minutes, something he didn't have to do. Very cool. Thanks for the great video and bringing back a great memory!

  7. Loving this channel, already can’t get enough and looking forward to more.! Great job once again to all involved. This was extremely interesting and informative.

  8. Those gasser guys were daring and great video uncle tony . Ole George Montgomery and his son Greg still build engines here in huber heights Ohio . Before he sold the worlds wildest willies and malco gasser to museums george would tell stories about his racing and building his car just like any other gearhead sometimes ide ask a question that wouldnt get awnsered guess that stuff was secret.

  9. Funny the opel gt is mentioned. My friend has the last build original frank and linda Mazi opel. We have really had a hard time finding a group to race with because no one wants an opel running with them. So far it's exhibition or brackets. If anyone has ideas we are out of michigan.

  10. i built dozens of model kits when i was a kid. i loved the nose-up gassers – anglia, thames, henry j and willys. love the photos. nice memories – takes me back to simpler times. thanks, guys, for this channel.

  11. MP Modified Production, followed by Gs Gas Classes. MP has to stay within the brand. Gs were allowed cross MFG parts substitution, so Hemi in a Ford is OK.
    B&M Hydrostick was a real runner in Gs classes. Try to find one now …
    Disagree on weight lighter for cross member and IFS. Do away with full cross member and IFS was at least 200# advantage, and it was off the front end. It also allowed full access to the oil pan and bottom end service w/o pulling the engine.

  12. No intro music no graphics when the show comes on i mean if want people to watch it has to be a lil bit more exciting!!! I would it should remind me of a ESPN type of car show!!!

  13. I hate the squat truck thing because now if I was to build a “gasser” style truck out of something like an S10 or a OBS Chevy everyone immediately thinks “oh you like that squat shit”… no this is a gasser.. 🙁

  14. Jack Kulp was an early gasser standout from the Pendel-Bristol area of Pennsylvania. Huge contributions in the 1950s and 1960s to both the gassers and dragsters. Became a mentor of mine along with Pete Shadinger, known for his D/Dragsters and inline-6 and an inline-8 (Buick) dragsters.

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