A11 Outlaws Season 2 Episode 8 (Diecast Street Racing) 1:64 Racing in Street lit Roads.

Greetings Street Racing Fans, Sharky your “Race Master” here together with last seasons “King of the Season” Keldon Raven. So last time we crowned our 3rd King of The List to go forward to race against Dambuster, Del Feugo and Scarab to become king of the season. Jimmy Fraser in The Enforcer made it to King (After last year dropping off the bottem of the list with his old vehicle). What will tonight hold. DJ Ron Medic in Iima’ Felony is currently sitting P1 but with no King Wins, can he hold that position for the whole of the night. Will Suck It! continue his rise now he is finally on the list.

Lets get down to the racing and find out !

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