A morning at home #jjdaboss

Fter years of street racing the Memphis Street Outlaws, JJ Da Boss and his Memphis Team are back with their own series, STREET OUTLAWS MEMPHIS! This is not only a group of racers, it’s a family.
This is not the track, this is the street and Memphis won’t stop until they’re the best of the best. They’ve got their own unique set of rules, but aren’t afraid to bend them to take home the win.
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  1. Jj the real deal I live in the 405 and love it but jj and his team is real and like real family …. stay safe stay fast sir

  2. Sorry to hear this happening to the Boss and the MSO family.Sometimes a lot of folks forget where they come from.But here we go, Ole JJ trying to uphold and do whats right.His Mom as real as it gets !

  3. Well damn, knew there was something up but wow… hate it when a bad woman ruins a good man. Sucks the kids fell to her side of the tree as well but I bet she made sure they would. Seen plenty like her in my days, they always gotta drag as many down with them as they can.

  4. So what ever happened to his son doughboy you don't see doughboy no more you see his wife but no doughboy

  5. I CALL BS. JJ just be honest and say the money got in the way. Sounds like PRIDE has gotten in the way and the real goal of the FAMILY has been lost. Both parties was more than likely wrong. Remember family is where it is. I hope and pray that all can be fixed and eventually y'all come around and be a family again. JJ you is the man……..MUCH RESPECT!!!!

  6. JJ and Trish have a career and detective work when they get tired of racing cuz they broke at Hercules video down and exposed the truth about that deal Big Daddy Hammer Time fastest Vega in Kings Mountain North Carolina said that.

  7. Yall all are acting like some big ass babies letting money and fame come between the Memphis family someone needs to round all yall up together and whoop your asses until yall can all get along and be a family again and JJ that means you too

  8. $150,00 to chase JJ pulls work on all of JJ'S cars before he can work on his own car ether way you put it it's not that much money I don't know what JJ is talking about fame and money…. something else happened between JJ and Anthony Smith unless they playing games with everyone.

  9. lol…..I see now JJ is mad cause Anthony Smith son made a YouTube video of JJ's truck old heavy and JJ thinks Anthony's son made a a$$load of and he didn't get any. 🥺😢😭
    And a nother thing Anthony son can video your truck at the track when ever he wants to so could I so could anyone else for that matter there's nothing you can do about it and it's not disrespectful to make a video of a truck….but now we know where the bad blood comes in at it's all to do with the truck and the video.

  10. I watched the video that Anthony's Wife booby and Anthony and their two boys and I seen it clear to who is running the show in that family running her mouth and coming up with all the excuses for everything and then talk about how much of a Christan she is

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