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  1. That's Music to Me,hearing a 125 being rode the way they were meant to be.I don't even have to watch a good Rider ride.I can tell how fast He or the Bike is just by the way it Sounds.Senior can ride any bike even if he's too big for some of them.He's hell on a 125.

  2. I love watching your videos kaplan but god dam they make me jealous i can never afford a bike like this im always in to much of a shitty situation. I hope one day I own a proper bike so I can ride around in the sun just like this. Love from UK

  3. Those fork tubes didn't come stock on rm125s till 2002. Only guys like Travis Pastrana got pre 02 rm's with upside-down forks like that I think. I could be wrong though

  4. Ken Sr. Thanks for delivering once again! That dank nooner as you rode off in the distance up over the hill was epic. Loose and controlled shredding!

  5. Man im sad when I was younger I had the same bike blew it up at stovall's pits and traded it to my buddy like a dumbass but he past away a few years back though on a motorcycle man I miss him and that bike it was a ripper lots of good memories were made on that bike‼️

  6. One banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, four, all banana headed for the Suzuki riding floor. Tra, la, la, tra-la-la, la la la laaaa. Nice bike, looks very retro with the decal paint scheme. Dirt squirtin'? Get some Ken!!!!🤠

  7. Long Live 125 two strokes! Love to make them scream, it always gathers attention. Kids, teenagers and adults would come out of the woodwork to see what all the racket was because I would keep it on the pipe constantly. Engine screaming, shifting gears and throwing dirt! All thoughts leave my mind and it just becomes me, the dirt bike and my environment. Extreme heightened sense of awareness, adrenaline rush. Chill bumps. Smiles for Miles! Another great video, keep sending it just like you do. Man, I need to come turn wrenches there! Got CDLs also. If I won the lottery I would move my family and friends there and come work for free! I love the smell of Two Strokes in the morning. Does anybody still use castor oil? I think it was known for gumming the Rings up but man it smelled wonderful.

  8. GOTTA LOVE IT KENNY'S HUNGRY!!! YA JUST GOTTA LET HIM EAT!!! An boy he likes BANANAS especially the 125 type 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I have watched this video about 10 times now. I have a 94 250 in my toy garage out back that I am getting ready to go through and rebuild. I seem to keep saying one more ride one more ride. Love your videos man keep em coming.

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