900HP Electric truck! | Tesla powered Squarebody

We’ve seen all sorts of crazy builds come out of the 2021 Sema show. This Squarebody pickup built but Salvage to Savage is the craziest ALL ELECTRIC build we’ve ever seen! We’re very eager to see how it performs in the future. More and more crazy EV builds are sure to come in the future and we love it!

Salvage to Savage YouTube channel:

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  1. Its like watching a person that was once a dude and is now a woman entering a bracket and competing in it when they should not be welcome in it because the disparities are to great. E-vehicles should be restricted to e vehicle events in my opinion.

  2. I hear everybody saying "we're not the problem… jets…. china… etc"

    But it does not change the fact we need to do something, we need to care, we can't just say fuck it because some are worst than us, where is it going to stop? The main polluters are mainly China/India industries and cargo shipping. But we're the one generating it, all those cheap shit made in china don't just teleport here.

    I'm not saying race cars are the worst, I love my race car, the tech is not there yet to justify making the big switch now, but in our lifespan we'll see a complete change in the transport industry altogether.

    That's why it's worth working on alternative now to be ready for it. Either electric, hydrogen or something else entirely that is still green on the long run. New tech always trickle down from racing (turbos, carbon fiber, etc) It's just the normal step of things.

    It's weird how everybody want to be first and have the nicest thing but not when it's about ecology.

  3. To every aspect is a square body out of the square body. From the gas burning engine to the distinct body lines. Congratulations. You traded a soulful machine for a household appliance.

  4. Chip Foose builds hot rods.
    This guy built a hot rod.
    It’s predecessor was a vehicle.
    Whatever, this guy built e brakes into each wheel.
    GTR door handles, nice touch.

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