800HP BIG BLOCK '67 Camaro Pro-Touring Build

This ’67 Camaro features an 800HP Big Block motor so sit back and enjoy the ride..

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  1. You can tell this guy genuinely cares about his craft by how disappointed he was when the car wasn’t putting out full power. Please have him back, he deserves it. Car is awesome.

  2. Beautiful car. Love the GTO interior. Modern tuning issues are a bitch. I do sometimes miss the good old days of a four barrel carb and points… Sometimes. Best of luck to the builder. It will get sorted out. No Doubt!

  3. I have him beat my Pontiac 400 has been done 3+ years, about the same miles, still sorting stuff brakes are just 1 of them. QC issues across the board since the CARona hit.🙃

  4. The smallest slip,stall,choking or cutting out are like a heart attack for the owner.
    New engines have a personality of there own and they will let you know what they like and don't like.

  5. Give that to me for my 55th birthday on Feb 29th!!… lol….1968 Chevrolet Camaro car is my dream! 1968 is the year of my birth! I like all green olive with the 2 strips of black and 68 on top, BIG block tires in the back and regular small tires in the front, nice/new everything including the stick shift inside…That is my dream! No chance to get one yet…I am from So. California…yeah I am Californian for my whole life since I was born…still here in CA…

  6. it's like your favored kids, when something gone wrong, you can't help focusing on and all of sudden feeling so worried. but this is a wonderful artwork of Camaro.

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