8-DOOR Airport Car '71 Chrysler! Road Trip and Donuts! | Roadkill | MotorTrend

Freiburger and Finnegan found a 440-powered 1971 Chrysler Newport eight-door airport car. This rare machine is missing parts of the floor and is rusted all over. So, of course, that means it’s time to take it on a road trip.

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  1. Great to see them picking up a Chrysler C-body platform car, those things are couches on highways, and not to mention those B-blocks and the Tourqueflites were indestructible. hope they don't junk the B-block and put some LS junk in it.

  2. Modern late models are as big as your normal 6 door limo. And are big blocks with carbs!!
    Ofcourse you should have swapped front wheels. L/F does little and it will give you stagger on the front,, turn it in harder!!

  3. How old is David freiburger one time I saw a birthday cake for him on a ep of roadkill saying 60 but that was like 10 years ago but he hasn't aged too much so ? He seems 50 something

  4. I went to school at Milton Hershey School, in Hershey PA,it was a private school that you would live at. every group home had this exact wagon for the kids! man I feel old

  5. Armbruster Stageway airport limo. They're known for making coachbuilt airport limos like that. Other than the Checker Aerobus, which is an actual production airport limo, this Newport is rare.

  6. I wish I knew you left it on the side of the road with the title in it….. you 2 trash so many good or hard to find vehicles.

    I mean you through away an original seat!!!

    Hope your following goes down…. Sorry….. BUT, not sorry.

  7. I will give these guys credit they managed to find a car with WORSE mileage than the 18 Peterbuilt that is my other vehicle. P.S. Freiberger, my dad used to threaten to buy us a ROCK for Christmas (because we were all boys, and we could break ANYTHING!).

  8. I found 1975 New Yorker limo made by the Same company in Arkansas back in in high school.2000-2001 at a friend's house in Clinton co Iowa. It had a very built and maintained 440 I changed the oil and put fresh gas I. It and drove it a few miles home . Very sketchy frame work in Arkansas .

  9. I would just clip every single shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot , we use to do that in my brother's 79 Monaco . They would fly 10 feet in the air and not even phase that bumper

  10. I remember when roadkill was just a YouTube channel segment, I want to go back, but, can only go forward so I guess I'm getting the motor trend subscription

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