1. No car as ugly as a Vega? Pintos rule?!!! I hope your just being facetious. If not, remember the Gremlin? Or the ugliest of ugly, the Pacer!

  2. don't worry they're heading there fast
    lost 75 BILLION so far and they still keep making big trucks and Suvs

    they already have a noose on their head all they need to do is JUMP!

  3. I bought this car on e-bay some 7 years ago. The seller told me it was build in the late 70th. During the years we completely changed about evreything on the car, except the chassis with the 4-link. And it still has the drum brakes in front! We recently fitted a new engine (383 stroker), and I think it will run low nines now…

  4. 10.48@157mph???? Think again'bro'.That mph doesnt even remotely come close to the ET.157MPH is closer to a high 8 second pass.A mid 10second pass is likely closer to mid 120's MPH wise.

  5. "Yeah ;p your dad xD"

    Heh, it's true. He actually sold it to help send me to school. Been wanting to get him another one ever since. These are hard to find nowadays.

  6. We use a very short rear axle with 4.56 gears. The car only weights 1.000 kg. 60 ft time is 1.29 secs. 0 to 100 kph in 1.3 secs is the calculated time with these figures.

  7. @aydoooo stupid comment when you don't know what you're talking about just stfu it is possible it's not a street car it's a drag car. and if it's so impossible explain me that watch?v=e-XRKg60tO0

  8. hahah, I fully agree. In the 1/4 mile the Vega is faster then a Veyron and at only a fraction of the costs….And did you ever see a Veyron making a wheelie???

  9. Now I really miss my 1978 V8 Monza 2dr Wagon. My wife called it "The White Trash Express". (She hated it but the kids and I loved it). Red with white SS stripes. It was only 375 HP with a 4 speed and Dynomax exhaust system. Still, the kids and I had a great time ratt roddin around in the beast!! Thank you for posting these vids. Very cool and brought back some good times with my kids.

  10. @haak60 1. the veyron in dollars is more than 1million, try around $1.6m, its £1m change the currency.

    2. can you use that on the road like that? nope didnt think so.

    3. how can it be more fun if the only place you can use it is on a drag?

  11. @shilockfaegle look what you have to do to the car to even get it to do them times, doing that to a car is just compensating for a small dick.

  12. @dieseltruks11 were did i say i hated it?

    i was just answering a tools comment about it being better than a veyron.

    learn to read before you post shit.

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