700hp V8 Nissan Frontier… (Twin Turbo ALL WHEEL DRIVE?!?!)

LOJ Conversions needed something that showed the scale of their engine swaps and conversion business, and this twin turbo, LS, AWD, stick-shift Nissan Frontier turned out to be the perfect candidate. Check out the CRAZY amount of customization that’s been done to the truck to land it a spot at SEMA 2021.

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  1. I have a nissan frontier 03 stock supercharged. Everybody looks at it and gives me thumps up but the reality of it its that I wanna like it but it's a piece of shit! I gotta put gas in it every 4 days, 5 days if I get lucky it's not even fast and it has given me so many issues since I got it! 🥺😣😣

  2. I have a 2010 4 cylinder I bought new. Its 2021 and I just cant part with this little truck. I can never really find a direction to start a build.
    This build is just a dream. Definitly lottery money build, but who knows.
    Thanks for featuring this builder, I can see an LS swap can be done. Awesome!

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