700hp 5.3L Foxbody! – Chevy POWERED!

What a GORGEOUS Foxbody we found at the Orlando Street Car Takeover event. Rocking a stock bottom end 5.3L, which was PACKED with juice – a 300shot fogger to be precise. Shoot, before too long, its going to be a rare oddity to find an old Foxbody that DOESN’T have a Chevy motor in it! We really don’t care what motor it is, as long as it goes fast and puts on a show!

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  1. Let’s be honest here, he LS swapped because it’s cheap, not because it’s better. By this logic a McDonalds Big Mac would better then a Five Guys because “cheap”. That last clip is a testament to that. Cheap is Cheap for a reason, get a Ford.

  2. I love Foxy's, I really like LS's…im not a fan of Frankensteins unless the car has a useless manufacturer support. We all know any Ford motor would be just as good at that money he's put into it. Beautiful car regardless

  3. Lol, "there you have it folks don't put a chevy engine in a mustang" that was the best a 4.6 ford whopping on the ls. LS SWAP SUCK. Those how can get first those who can't drive a chevy.

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