68 Funny Cars FCC 2021. 1/8 mile Round by Round In Full!!! Hd

Funny Car Chaos Ennis 2021. Round by Round Action. 1st and 3rd round qualifying along with A-D field almination rounds in full!!


  1. This is great…. just like the good ole' days of Dragracing !
    I've been to a few events that had a huge 64 FC ladder…….
    ( That means more than 64 FC's 😲 )
    It was like you died & went to funny car heaven…..
    Everywhere you looked there were floppers,he staging lanes,in the pits, on the return road, on the line✌😎

    Bring it on…..I'm so ready !

    Love the old school floppers from the 70's with the dual peddle-fests 😉

  2. I wish you guys gave us a little more info about this event; where, when, is there to be another one? Any way, some of these cars are ancient, but so very cool. Some of the cars sound like they are using gasoline, not nitro, and this looks to be an 1/8 mile. Very cool event, I’d love to see this show !

  3. This was covered excellently 🏎💨‼️A+👌🏾👏🏾 🧐👉🏾A Field Semi & Final were interesting because,..if any of you Pro Fans out there noticed the “differences” in Burn-Out procedures of either round and the “Staging Period” of the final,..one could almost predict that outcome!🤨🤔 Worsham CAN drive that wasn’t it ,..but it looked to me that he “welded the clutch” just B4 1/2 track (‘member dat’ staging delay?🤨😒)..which hooked the car well and…💥💨🙄..and that Orange Mustang,..☝🏾his “plan” (trap⁉️🤨🤔)..worked to a T❗️That “clutch saving/weak” burnout at the semi,..coupled wit’ a “stout” one in the final,.+ the “tardiness” staging🙄..clinched the win!! 😕At least,..that’s how I saw it! What yawl 🤔 thinkin’ huh🤨😒❓Cool 😎ass Funny Car wars right here! 👍🏾Subbed (‘_<)

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