55 Update! We're Running Into A Few Snags Trying To Rebuild!

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Running into a few snags while trying to rebuild Shawn’s 55!

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  1. love the ride dosent look like ther was anything wrong wth it those guys are doing a great job the 55 is back to being beautifule good job guys love the show keep up the great stuff

  2. Man that hood looks decent, I fkn love that 55 and the old boys done a killer job on the repair by the looks of it fire wall came out sweet.
    Are you gonna keep it the same color 🤔 cause it looks pretty nice as it is honestly?

  3. First engine I ever rebuilt from the crank up was a '55 chevy pick up truck engine. I was so proud when it started right up. Then my high school automotive instructor pointed out that it was running backwards.

  4. "Most of the temperary stuff we do is permanent"

    I felt that. I made an intake for my car that omly intended to run for a couple years. 13 years later I'm still running it.

  5. Monkey?!O.o Who's that, Gas Monkey?! I aint seen them since that green and white truck, if that's who ya talkin bout. Dope video, glad to see all coming together like that. Thanks definitely can be given to pops, cuz now she'ss looking and gonna perform how she does now, and even I roll with the, if it aint broke, it aint gotta be fixed rule so, he broke it lol!! Now it gets fixed!!^^ Glad pops is doin coo' and a wierd thing, it's kina, gratifying to see the tables turn, it's rare…!^^

  6. Just a curious question what happened to Aidan Chevelle haven't seen it in any of the videos even in the background or anything I might have missed out on what happened or something just curious I hope he's still running it

  7. Why don’t y’all go ahead and make everything white white it really fits next chapter fresh and clean white and chrome it’s the circle of life SRC and your SON making life long friendship ♥️🇺🇸♥️

  8. Was a race car here a few years back that was all over the place at 150mph plus.after see If photos of the car at speed the fibre hood was fully depressed, making a mess of the aero,new hood and the car went straight

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