5.3 LS Swapped Mustang Drag Racing the 1/4 Mile | BIG Grudge Race Guy + New PB

This time on SPPTV Riley takes his 4 eyed Foxbody to the race track for the first time since the 5.3 LS engine was dyno tuned to just above 400 RWHP. Last season at the track the classic Mustang ran 13’s. Since then there has been quite a few upgrades, to do with horsepower and chassis. Watch as a father and son team get some amazing results out of their home built home done Ford.

Check out Riley’s Mustang build playlist to see this car go from a rolling chassis, to this!

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  1. Great job hitting solid 11's.
    Also keep your dang eye on the centerline the whole run. I dont care how good you think the car is or how good you think you are. Your eye should never leave it. If gauges and shift lights are not visible in your perifial(spell) vision. Then they are in the wrong spot. You dont need to be checking mirrors the scoreboard the other lane the crowd. Run your own race in your own head, forget everything else. It may save you and your car one day. You need total orientation all the time. You wont have a split second to regain angle of attack if something goes wrong and your focus is somewhere else. Peace Dude! Co-gratz.

  2. congrats ! remove the front sway bar ,get a stiffer rear sway bar .solid bushing rear control arms would help ,but bite on the street .sub-frame connectors and a 6 point roll bar will stiffen up the chassis .

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