4700HP Worth of Vipers Battle the 1/2 Mile!

2nd Fastest RWD Street Car in the World! Calvo Motorsports are very well known for the potential they’ve unlocked in the Gen 5 Viper world. Owner of Calvo Motorosports, Antonio Calvo, jumped behind the wheel of two street worthy Vipers toting nearly 5000HP between the two and made some WILD rips down the airstrip! Pulling straight off the trailer and running 221mph in the General Lee was a solid start to the weekend as this car still had several hundred horsepower worth of boost left to go! In between runs with the General Lee, Antonio hoped in a customers car equipped with a brand new Calvo Motorsports TT package, pushing 2100HP on full blast while still being mated to an H-Pattern transmission! Defining the standard for a True Street car, this monster set the bar for what to expect!

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  1. Let's see here I guess old don't count today all I know is this 40 years ago Salt Lake City Flats Ford GT 295 miles an hour they sent out the Callaway vet with the 455 all it could do was 252 so I guess all of that don't mean anything today wow I find that really really interesting

  2. 50 percent of gen v viper owners actually steer clear of calvo motorsports work, theyre a little confused when it comes to dealing with the gen v engines crank main bearing failures.

  3. Clicked on this thinking 4700hp would be like a team of 4-5 Vipers. Imagine my surprise when there were only two in the video.

  4. Dodge if you are reading this. Wait til the 2020 Corvette hype calms down. Bring back the Viper with a rear engine V-10. Name it the SRT-10 Hellcat Red-Eye Wide body Viper….Whatever you want to call it….Make it Happen!!!!

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