$3K Budget Drag Race! Monte Carlo vs Nova! | Roadkill | MotorTrend

Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo have a build off and race like no other! Tony transforms a shell of an ’85 Monte Carlo into a beast, while Finnegan makes Newbern’s Nova run with Ramp Truck parts.

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  1. Why couldn't you guys be more truthful in your "budget ". I started with a good built 383 sbc, I happened to have a solid 454 laying around. Aluminium heads, new pro built transmissions…..

  2. Now im realizing MTOD is worth it otherwise you only get to see 1/4 of the episode. 1/4 of the episode just seems weird, it just totally skips everything, and if you pay for MTOD you help them get more money to make new projects/episodes, so its really a win-win situation.

    PS to anyone who wants to get mad and say "why should we have to pay to watch!" buck up and pay if you're actually a real fan! its almost 2022 you have to pay more and pay for pretty much everything nowdays, so get used to it.

  3. Hey Finnegan go use a cargo plane to ship some cars in the whole wide world and other countries to search cars around the world and put the cars in the cargo plane and get back to the United States and drive cars in the United States

  4. Is roadkill/dirt every day going to be available in the UK again ever? I subscribed to MTOD on day 1 when you launched just to have my subscription cancelled and told I'm not american enough to give you money anymore. I signed up to discovery plus but it's only old episodes on there. send help

  5. C’mon guys! I went 7.50’s in the 80’s with a $200 rebuilt 402 bbc, L88 cam,Weiand xcelerater, 800 Holley, Muncie and A12 bolt w/6.14 gears, when I wasn’t replacing broken axles!! 67 Camaro

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