250mph in 5 seconds – Corvette Promod does it with EASE

It’s not often we find ourselves at events with promods, but when we do – we have to check them out! This year at Street Car Super Nationals, we unsurprisingly spotted this bright yellow 1959 Corvette Promod from across the pits. It sports a 526 big block with a massive screw blower strapped to the top of it. With it’s current trim, it can bust out 5.60’s at over 250mph..that’s moving!

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  1. Ffs… You can see it in every one of these types of racers emotions. “Your crew are geniuses, you, are insane.” Idc if it’s top fuel 3 second dragsters or this running 5’s. You mf’ers, are insane.

  2. Damn he rides out to almost the 1/8th before he grabs a gear….Linkos gave always fascinated me I run Libertys both 5 and 7 speed depends on track or wear were at in the country and I run a lock up in them.

  3. Is it just me, and I’m sure I’m wrong, but does that track run down hill? Maybe just the camera angle and the end of the track (after the finish) going up hill?

  4. I wish we could see what a drag racer from the 60 would do if they time traveled to today. All the composites and new tech that make these cars so fast.

  5. Crazy 1/4s! Personally I never watch 1/8th mile anything, just no point if you can beat it with a stone throw.

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