2023-2024 Camaro Rumors

What’s going on Youtube and Welcome back to the channel? Today I will be discussing the rumors on the 2023 and 2024 Camaro. Stay tuned and let’s discuss this family. #2024 #Camaro

The link below will provide you with the information on the 2024 farewell camaro edition


  1. I don’t think it will be put in the Camaro at all. Too much wasted time and effort and GM will have to do minor reconstruction to get it to fit under the hood with a cover that say camaro but GM is putting it to bed and focus on their EV platform

  2. The new intro is really cool…great job. I like the way you think and agree 500 with the SS and 700 with the ZL1. You know they are not going to do it tho. gm is leaning so far forward on the electric vehicle they may fall on their face. Have fun in the Carolina's. Great video!

  3. I heard the ZL1 1LE will have the only option of the ZR1s engine the LT5 and that has 755hp. Hope it's true cause I feel the same with u

  4. The LT2 gets a good portion of its increased horsepower over the LT1 because of its intake, exhaust manifolds and dry sump. The 3 things just mentioned are only able to be used because the corvette is mid engine. If the "LT2" were to be put in the 2023 camaro it would not be dry sump or have the same intake and exhaust because it won't fit. This scenario would solve a lot of marketing issues for Chevrolet. 1) it would increase the power for the final gas powered camaros 2) it would not be the same HP as the corvette LT2 so corvette folks would not feel ripped off.

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