2022 Toyota Tundra – 5 Reasons This Should Be Your Next Truck

We dive into the All-New 2022 Toyota Tundra and explore some of the features that make this truck a leader in the full size pickup segment.

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  1. why didn't they just drop the 5.7 engine that gets 50mpg? it's in the showroom and has been there for a few years now. I know Toyota promised to not put it in there, yet, but come on… some guys like the V8

  2. That Tundra screams "I pay 500 dollars a month for a glorified SUV"…. Real trucks stopped being built in the late 90s. These are not trucks. They are kid- seat holders.

  3. Anyone else notice how close he was getting with his vest zipper to the brand new truck? When he was talking about power trains. Back off man!

  4. Really cool truck now all you got to be is a millionaire to buy one because they don't build trucks for middle class people no more they only build trucks for millionaires

  5. 😒 oh, the engine is absolutely disappointing a twin turbo v6 engine for hauling and towing, great way to wear down an engine, that engine won't even last 500k miles like the v8

  6. 1940lbs payload? For a SR. If you like any luxury at all it will be around 1300lbs to light for me to tow with but love the truck. I’ve had 2 Tundras over the years.

  7. That 3.4 TT , doesn't convince me , I rather have 2 more cylinders than turbos , ill keep my 5.7 , it's funny how people get excited about electronics and comfort , and not the Power plant that keeps you going

  8. Yes I totally agree it's Ad seems more like a push for people to get Toyota after the five reasons there's 10 to 15 more reasons to stick with your ford or stick with your Chevy. Hey we'll see 🙈

  9. Nah.

    The next version will be my next truck. When they refresh that brown bagger of a front end, add tow hooks, and the hybrid is available outside of the top trims…then the Tundra will be my next truck.

  10. So, twin turbo engine that will have high stress and not last for decades. Hybrid setup which may be good (but, no thanks for me). And then a bunch of 'fluff'. I wish they would make vehicles bare bones like Wranglers used to be and original Rav4's, and so on. I have a PHONE that does EVERYTHING I NEED. I do not need cameras (I know, at least a reverse camera is now required by law). I actually drive my vehicle and pay attention… All this extra stuff is nonsense. Bluetooth for phone gives you everything you need for entertainment (I mean even aux cord is fine, but, a reliable bluetooth is nice for no wires).. Standard dials for temperature is just fine (if you want an automatic temp control fine, that feature is ok I guess). I really can't stand the consumerism market in vehicles and how so many good vehicles have become absolute "no buys" for me now that all they care about is money, and not the customer (Wrangler). But, wouldn't want a Jeep anymore anyways (I have owned 6 Jeeps in years past). Ever since they merged with Dodge/Chrysler they really went down hill. I'm keeping my 2008 Civic, and 2012 FJ Cruiser until they have engine or transmission issues. So far, at a decade and more old, they have had ZERO issues, just wear and tear & maintenance (batteries, spark plugs, tires, oil changes, brakes, starter motor).

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