2021 VW ID.4 Pro: Comfortable EV Crossover, Interesting Problems – One Take

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The 2021 VW ID.4 is an all-electric crossover that won’t break the bank. It’s offered in RWD or AWD, single or dual motor, in two trim levels. How does it stack up against the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, or the 2021 Toyota RAV4 that VW used as a benchmark?

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  1. That navigation software charger plotting problem is so bad it would 100% keep my out of this car. Mach E still seems like the best EV CUV for $45k.

  2. Where I live (bc, Canada) the base Mach e is $50k after incentives. The base awd id4 is $42k after incentives. Model 3 is $52k. I think the id4 is the better deal. Model y isn’t even in the conversation (due to price).

  3. A simple way to explain the $7500 tax credit is that you get to claim up to $7,500 in credit against the federal income taxes you owe . The example of a $2000 tax bill is strange one becuase that would be a really low earner

  4. I don’t think electric cars are ever going to outperform gas powered cars. The govt./automakers can try to get rid of them all they want but in the end…. Many automakers will end up going back to fuel. Especially once everyone sees how slow charging stations get built, the true cost of owning an electric vehicle, and the end of life experience when its time to recycle one. Very toxic.

  5. VW has lost the plot on colors the last few years; yeah they're right most people aren't buying anything colorful, but some people might, and it helps your brand to have those colorful choices. If Toyota can see bright blues and oranges then VW can give us a yellow or a red at least…

  6. An EV family wagon is a great thing to drive imho but part of that is one pedal driving, just makes driving in town so much more intuitive to me. I can charge at home so they work for me. But because they all drive in the same manner and I don’t care how quick they are it comes down to price in the end (plus apple CarPlay and maybe radar assisted cruise) and for me a tow hitch for the bike rack. My sometimes car is going to have many cylinders while I still can…

  7. Ok so I’m really am not trying to be judge mental but I haven’t watched the channel in awhile. I really wasn’t expecting the newer videos. There not bad I just enjoyed the older ones more. I am really glad this channel has grown so much. I always thought it was a great channel. I don’t maybe I was just expecting some not realistic.

  8. The unnecessary loss of physical buttons with the shift to EV's is a tragedy. Just because the car might be able to assist in the physical driving experience does not mean I should have to take my eyes off the road 10 times longer to do the same exact thing. But it's fUturIstiC! No, it's just cheap, cheap in the way a Trabant had an interior door lock on only one door.

  9. I've taken driving classes more than 20 years ago in a Golf Mk II. My brother – and then mom – had Golf Mk III for a long time. All VWs which I've driven have been practical, down to earth, simple, pragmatic, and they always get you where you need to go. That is why, althgough I've never owned a VW, I love them – just because of their understated, simple, no BS German logic and essence. However, VW seems to have been drinking some old, spoiled french Chateau for the last couple of years. The stupid touch mallarchy DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! This would be a deal-breaker if I wanted to buy a Mk 8 Golf. Why, people's car? Why? Why have you bench-marked Honda – literally the brand who took away the volume knob – AND THEN PUT IT BACK – just because customers went mad with the touch idiocy – and you've still made the same mistake? WHY? What is wrong with methods of interaction with the car that we've used for decades? Really hope VW reverses this stupidity and does not become another BMW – who – when everyone is screaming BMW, you are ugly as ugly can be – doubles down and becomes more ugly. Please, VW – don't be another misunderstood BMW.

  10. How much better will the automotive world be once voice control is fully integrated into the control systems. ALEXA turn on my left blinker.
    Sorry Dave ,you're in a BMW this function is currently unavailable, would you like to make the grille nostrils bigger?

  11. VW is running a “bait and switch “ scheme at the moment. I ordered mine 3 months ago and hadn’t heard anything from VW until last week. The said that they will no longer producing the 2021 model and have automatically enrolled my reservation to the 2022. They said the cost will be more but cannot say how much.
    At first I thought oh great I ordered it too late and was going to give VW the benefit of the doubt and just go with it. Out of curiosity I went to the official site to see if they have the 2022 model listed. They don’t but I found that I can still reserve a 2021 version with for just a few clicks and $100… Seriously VW, is this how you do business?

  12. What on earth is wrong with plain old buttons and switches? I can't imagine all these haptic buttons are cheaper than some of the most basic technology on earth lol

  13. The ID.4 has blended braking (brake by wire) any time you press on the brake you a using regen braking, not everyone wants to drive with just the accelerator pedal..Tesla does not have blended braking. Using the B drive mode does give the one pedal driving experience but not as severe as some other ev’s. Don’t forget it’s not meant to compare with the Mustang and thousands less than a model Y and much more interesting looking than the Y. I like Tesla but now there not the new kid on the block.

  14. You hit the nail on the head. I like this car because its just plain and simple and its not about performance just getting from A to B, but they need sort the infotainment out.

  15. The cheapest Model Y is now a $60k car with destination. The ID.4 starts at $40k minus the $7500 tax credit or over $25k cheaper. Even the ID.4 Pro S with AWD and 0-60 in <6 seconds it’s still close to $20k cheaper.

  16. the technology, battery types and infotainment are outdated throughout the VW concert. the only thing VW can do is make a nice car. but all that you can not see is obsolete.

  17. and then there are thoese (like me ) who likes the VW badge / Brand and take the quirks with love . i would choose this car over other brands .

  18. The interior controls (touch and haptic), the slow screen system (this should NOT be an issue in a car of this price) and the fact that the route plotter is completely useless for planning a trip would 100% keep me from buying this car. What the hell is wrong with Volkswagen?

  19. I'll start off by saying : Thank you for reviewing a vehicle like this, it was great to get your thoughts on it.

    21:43 – Regarding this, you're coming at this from someone who's does a lot of 1099 work (which given your industry that makes sense). However, I have a "conventional" full-time job at an employer (so W-2) and was able to get the full $7,500.00 federal tax credit when I bought a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt (bought it before the 4/1/2019 deadline for the full 7500). Here's why :

    Like many people that work full time, my employer takes my taxes out of each paycheck. So, at tax time, all I'm really doing is filing a "record of proof" of sorts that shows Uncle Sam that I already gave them their money, and I also get a standard deduction and some other things I can claim that gives me some of that $$$ back… bla bla bla lol. It's very important to remember that a tax return isn't Uncle Sam magically giving you $$$… it's them giving you $$$ back that you already gave them!

    How much of this $7,500.00 tax credit you get is based on how much you either : Owe the federal government (1099), or have already paid to the fed govt (W-2). I gave uncle same way more than $7,500.00 over the course of the year, which then lowered my overall "tax liability" (as accountants like to call it) by $7,500.00… which mean my tax refund check increased $7,500.00 because : After buying the Bolt EV, in the eyes of Uncle Sam, I now gave him $7,500.00 too much and get that $$ back. It's very screwy, but I verified with the folks that I do my taxes with that this is indeed how this system works. This is very different from something like a Child Tax Credit or the tax credit many college students can take advantage of while they are a student.

    So, all that said : The groups this 7500 dollar federal program really bones is : People that make less than ~$62,000.00/year, and retired folks that report less income than 62k. This sucks because : There are many people in this country that make less than 62k a year that could really use an EV like the VW ID.4 (i.e. non-luxury & non-performance EVs) in urban environments as the prices of just about everything associated with the maintenance of an ICE car goes up. Also, EVs are a shoe-in for the geriatric population, who often times travel distance far less than the EV range of something like an ID.4

    I have no idea if the $12,500.00 initiative the Biden administration wants to set up is the same thing. I hope it's not because : If it is, then you're going to have to make even more $$$ to be able to fully take advantage of it (oh great… another tax break for the rich… just what the 99% need!)

    Anywho, that's my $0.02

  20. This automotive engineer's perspective. Charging is a disqualifier to being an early adopter of an EV. To me its that simple. Btw, I built a 2000w electric road bicycle.. I like electricity. Quiet and powerful. But, being out on the road and hunting for a charger and then being detained for an hour charging…my bicycle with 52V battery, takes a long time to charge as well…it isn't practical. Also, not everybody at home has access to a 220V fast charger tp charge their car as well.
    Currently, hands down, gas vehicles make a lot more sense. This will likely change over time, but I believe infrastructure will change 'very' slowly.
    For those that want to hug a tree and believe that electricity falls out of the sky and isn't many times created by dirty coal, these are the kind of people I want to see buy electric cars…and pay more for them as well because they cost more to buy compared to a basic gas powered car. Let the cost burden fall on liberal arts majors who all flunked math in school.

  21. My problem with this review, and many like it, is that you got several things wrong. I’m fine if you don’t really like the car, but at least get all your facts right. You have the 10” screen there because the 12” is only available on Pro S. AWD gives you slightly less range, not slightly more (this should be obvious from a logical standpoint). And you cannot get a Mach-E for $43,000 that had a panoramic roof. You have to spend more like $49,000 for that option. I’m sure there’s probably more I missed, but those are some things you got wrong which I just think is unacceptable if you’re reviewing a car.

  22. Cars used to have shifters behind the wheel for a long time (both auto and manual). When I drove one it was a non-issue.
    Just ‘click’ the little knob twice rather than once and it is in ‘B’. Might be nice if it would remember what you had it in last.
    I have a Chevy Volt and almost always drive in ‘L’ (very similar to ‘B’). I like it. It also has a regen paddle that I really like. That would be nice in ID.4 (at least AWD models that could support more regen)

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